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Why You Shouldn’t Skip Leg Day

Are you skipping it right now? There’s a good chance that in the past you’ve not taken to leg day in the same way an otter takes to water, and you’ve probably thought that’s been fine so far. However, skipping leg day is a huge mistake in the exercise world. First of all, when it comes to not working on your glutes and your lower leg muscles, you’re going to look a bit like a chicken compared to the rest of your fine physique! Yes, everyone understands that it’s hard to stay fully motivated when you’re crunching endlessly and throwing in the burpees that make you want to curl up on the floor, but you’re working towards your dream body. At the end of the day, that makes it worth your time. Not convinced? Here’s a few more facts to help you commit.

You’ll Increase Your Overall Strength

Your legs are connected to your core after all, and when it comes to making sure you’re as strong as you can be, working them out on the regular is going to make you a lot stronger by the end of your regime. Your lower body alone is the strongest part of your body, containing the glutes which are the strongest and most flexible muscle group alone! So make sure you’re factoring this information into your workout tomorrow, and try out some new moves.

However, when you’re seriously under using an entire muscle group, you’re going to have to build up to that moment where you feel you could deadlift with your calves alone. Even invest in a recumbent exercise bike if you want to focus on your legs, making the most of your time both at home and in the gym when it comes to maximizing on all the leg days you’ve missed before now.

You’ll Have More Necessary Hormones

Growth hormones need to be secreted when you’re exercising, and using your muscles is the best way to make sure you continually building new and stronger muscles with each movement. However, you’re probably not secreting enough when you’re only working your core and your arms alone.

Instead, try to use your legs more in your workout. Considering your lower body holds you up and keeps you stable at all times, these muscles produce a much larger amount of growth hormones and testosterone. Both of these chemicals are needed to grow larger and larger in your effort to become the star of the gym.

It’ll Better Your Self Perception

The way we look is connected a lot to how we’re formed, and working on your muscles is going to make you feel amazing (and that’s not just from the endorphins alone!). Simply put, when you have good leg muscles, you won’t feel self conscious about the way they look, if you are worried about that.
Working on your glutes and your quads will make you stronger and happier, so make sure you schedule in a good leg workout when next at the gym.

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