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How Stress Manifests

Life is busy. It’s a fundamental truth that no matter what walk of life you begin from, it is busy. We work long hours and sleep less so we can fit in a social life. Pack in paying the bills, having a family and the rising cost of living and you’re given the best recipe for stress out there! When you put enough pressure on a person, they begin to break. That doesn’t mean physical pressure, but the pressures of paying debts, a relationship breaking down and jobs being lost can all cause a manifestation of stress that feels like being thrown into an ocean. You’re kicking hard to keep at the surface, but the more you kick the more the stress drags you down.

Age is not a factor when it comes to stress. School children can feel stressed by exams and social situations. Teenagers can feel stressed by peer pressures and the prospect of having to choose what to do with their lives at a young age. Marriage breakdowns and redundancies can change an adult, sometimes irreversibly. The pressure put on us from an early age and from more than one place can eventually wear us down mentally, which then manifests into physical symptoms.

Stress can make you feel physically sick and negatively affect your thoughts and behaviour. There are a huge number of mental health conditions that can develop as a result of prolonged stressful situations in life including depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder. If you are ever concerned about these particular illnesses, do some research first. Websites like can help you to identify whether the symptoms you’re feeling are linked to something deeper than simple work and life stress. There are many places stress can come from and many ways it can display itself.

If you’re lucky, feeling a little stressed about work and relationships can lead to some emotional mood swings and some exhaustion. If not, then you’re looking at panic attacks, being prone to colds and coughs due to the immune system feeling battered and the possibility of developing severe depression. As stress can manifest itself in many ways, both physical and mental, it’s important to understand your own stress levels and put preventative measures in place to get a handle on it. If your job is stressing you out to the point you cannot face going to work, then it isn’t worth going. Finding a new job in a less stressful environment is a way to combat workplace stresses. You should not ever have to feel less than brilliant at what you do and if you are working in an unmanageable situation, it’s a smart decision to remove yourself from it.

Self-diagnosis is the first step and if you find your symptoms are aligning with those related to stress, ask for help. You’ll never look back once you ask for some help from a friend or a doctor. Spending time in therapy to talk through your issues and why you feel stressed, helping you get to the bottom of your situation can make a difference to your entire life, and you deserve that.

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