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Taking Care of Your Aural Health

We all love listening to music; hearing our loved ones speak sweetly to us; the sound of rain falling on the roof at night – you get the idea – so it is really important that we protect our beloved aural experiences by taking good care of our ears.

Haven’t thought much about your aural health? Here are some simple tips to help you take better care of your ears right now:


Use earplugs

If you are going to be around really loud noises, whether that be machinery at work or standing right in front of the amps at a gig for your favorite band, it makes sense to wear earplugs or other ear defenders that will help to limit the decibels that hit your ears, thus helping to void damage. Eben a brief exposure, when it is repeated often enough, can cause hearing loss, which is the last thing you want to happen, so although it might not be cool, protect your ears, and you’ll protect your whole aural experience too.


Don’t stick that Q-tip in there

So many people clean their ears with Q-tips that most people think it’s a totally normal. Nd completely safe, thing to do. It really isn’t. You should not be putting anything smaller than your elbow in your ear. Why? Because one simple slip and you could end up perforating your eardrum, which may or may not lead to permanent damage and hearing loss. Is it worth the risk? Use some aural spray to get rid of wax instead.


Lower the volume

Turning your favorite tracks up loud may give you eargasms, but there’s a good chance that it will eventually lead to hearing loss, which means you will never be able to enjoy music in the same way again. So, be sensible and turn the volume down a little. Ideally, you should follow the 60/60 rule which means that you should listen to music using earphones at no higher than 60 percent volume for no longer than 60 minutes per day!


Give your ears a break

If you do expose your ears to loud noises, maybe at a gig, then it is a really good idea to give them a break afterward. Ideally, you should aim to keep things quiet for around 16 hours after a loud event, but the longer you can give your ears a break, the healthier they will be. After all, you want your hearing to live another day, right?



Yep, there really isn’t anything exercise cannot improve when it comes to the human body, and your aural health is no exception. Cardio exercise helps to improve blood flow to the ears, which helps to maintain inner ear health, and ensure that you can hear the noises around you as clearly as possible.

Good aural health is what will enable you to enjoy those sounds you love so much for as much of your life as possible, so it is definitely something you should take seriously, and the above will help you to take good care of your ears now, and in the future.

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