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The Real Behind Plant-based Eating

Written by: Erika Angel

For most of us, we’ve grown up eating according to the American diet that is packed with tons of fat, sugar, and salt that together make magic for our taste buds. This style of eating tastes good but has fucked us to say the least.  As millennials, we have no idea how to eat and are steadily trying to undo the generational curses of high blood pressure, diabetes, overeating and obesity that has been backed by our institutions.  So, what the fuck do we eat from here?



-Michael Pollan

What is plant-based eating?

Plant-based eating is where you focus on eating whole foods that are not processed, such as vegetables, fruits, beans, seeds, whole grains. Most people think this means you can’t have meat, dairy, or fish. However, being plant based just means you are no longer allowing these meats and bi-products to take up the majority of your plate, but instead making it a side item. Vegetables, grains and fruit would now be your main priority.

Benefits of eating more green

  • Lower cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar
  • Reversal or prevention of heart disease and diabetes
  • Longer life
  • Healthier skin
  • Stay full longer
  • Healthier weight

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