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The Ultimate Guide on When to See a Chiropractor

Written by: Cathy Carter

It is extremely important to know when to see a chiropractor. You can learn more by checking out our informative guide right here.

Chiropractic care has never been more in demand than it is today. Due to the stressful, busy lives we live, as well as reduced physical activity throughout the day, back pain is common among most adults in the U.S.

Studies show that up to 60-80% of adults suffer from some form of back or neck pain. Many of them sought out chiropractic treatment due to the debilitating effects. 

If you fall into this large majority of people and you’re wondering when to see a chiropractor, here are the top signs it’s time. 

The Job of a Chiropractor 

Chiropractors specialize in the alignment of the spine. They are taught that with perfect alignment, all types of back and neck issues can be solved, including debilitating pain. 

They are trained in a variety of techniques in order to manipulate the spine in order to achieve perfect alignment. 

When you visit a chiropractor, they will do a thorough overview of your general health, too. You can expect a physical exam, x-rays of your spine, and an assessment of your bone density. 

Depending on your health status, bone density, and level of pain, the intensity of chiropractic adjustment may vary. For instance, if you are older, with a lower level of bone density, you will receive a gentler treatment. 

Otherwise, a chiropractor applies controlled, rapid force to certain areas of the spine to re-align and repair an injured or damaged joint. 

Chiropractors are well-versed in treating chronic neck and back pain, persistent headaches, and nerve issues, such as sciatica. They also provide relief from injuries caused by sports and auto accidents — which you can learn more about here.

When to See a Chiropractor: 8 Signs It’s Time for a Checkup 

At its heart, the role of chiropractic care is preventative. You don’t have to wait for your pain to become completely debilitating to see a chiropractor. In fact, it’s wise to see a chiropractor at least once a month to ensure your alignment is always in check. 

Here are a few glaring signs you should make an appointment:  

  1. Constant Tension Headaches 

The cause of a regular headache can vary greatly. You may be hungry, dehydrated, fatigued, or suffering from PMS. But tension headaches are almost always caused by misalignment of the neck and spine. 

If you suffer from constant tension headaches or migraines that plague your day-to-day life, it’s time to see a chiropractor who can re-align your spine. This improves blood flow and relieves pain almost instantly. 

  1. Persistent Join Pain 

If your body feels like it’s always tense and tight, you should avoid anti-inflammatory drugs, and visit a chiropractor instead. You could be suffering from musculoskeletal misalignment, which can be corrected. 

Chiropractic treatment helps to relieve muscle and joint tension, improves blood flow and nerve conductivity, and will get rid of your aches and pains.

  1. Limited Range-of-Motion in Your Limbs 

You shouldn’t be waiting to see a chiropractor if you are experiencing limited range-of-motion in your limbs or neck. If you can’t move your body naturally, this is a serious sign that you need chiropractic readjustment.

Normal range-of-motion in your limbs and neck ensures your body functions at an optimum. It also improves blood and oxygen flow throughout the body and reduces pain, inflammation, and fatigue. 

  1. Your Job is Largely Sedentary 

If you spend much of your day sitting at a desk, this could lead to issues with back and neck pain due to poor posture. In fact, neck and back pain associated with desk work is extremely common in the chiropractic world. 

This is often caused by badly designed chairs and desks that are not ergonomically-friendly. A poor sitting posture subjects your back, neck, and limbs to prolonged periods of unhealthy pressure.

A chiropractor can help to re-align your spine and offer tips on how to improve your posture to keep pain at bay. 

  1. Unevenly Worn Out Shoes

This is a very obvious sign that you could be suffering from subluxation of the spine. This means that your spine and hips are misaligned, causing you to walk with a gait.

This type of uneven walking pattern puts more pressure on one foot than the other, thus wearing out one shoe quicker. Other obvious signs are aching hips, foot cramps, and aching feet. 

  1. You Were Injured in An Auto Accident 

This is yet another very common cause of back and neck pain which is often experienced as a delayed reaction after an auto accident. You may feel fine just after the accident, but neck and back pain tends to creep up on you a few days or weeks later.

This means that you could have experienced a major misaligned during the accident that you didn’t know about. A chiropractic visit can get to the bottom of your pain and discomfort. 

  1. You Experience Shooting Pain and Numbness in Your Limbs 

This could point to a more serious injury such as a herniated disc or pinched nerve in the spine. If you experience tingling or numbness in your extremities, as well as shooting pains in your limbs, it’s high time to see a chiropractor.

A herniated disc or a pinched nerve is a serious issue and shouldn’t be neglected. This could lead to very limited range-of-motion and even muscle wasting. 

A chiropractor is able to re-adjust the spine to slowly move the disc back into place or take the pressure off a pinched nerve. 

  1. You’re a Very Active, Sporty Person 

Whether your job is very physically demanding or you play team sports, regular chiropractic adjustment can do wonders. Due to all this extra daily activity, your body is exposed to constant pressure and strain. This could lead to misalignments and pain. 

Regular chiropractic adjustments are also a good way to ward off injury such as strained muscles, pinched nerves, and major muscle tension. At the end of the day, this only improves your work and athletic performance. 

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Now that you know when to see a chiropractor, don’t put it off any longer. By taking your spinal health seriously, you should begin to notice how it benefits many other aspects of your overall health. 

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