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Undeniable Reasons Why You Need A Full Body Massage

If you’re a massage junkie, you’ll know just how important they are to your well-being. But there’s a case to be made that regular massages aren’t enough to get all the benefits. That is why a growing number of practitioners are recommending to their clients that they go “full body.” It turns out that there are certain benefits that only whole body massages can deliver. Here are just some of them.


It Can Give Your Workout A Boost

Working out takes its toll on your body. But according to massage therapist, Ester G, massage is a great way to boost the effects of exercise. If you’ve ever watched a documentary about the life of bodybuilders, you’ll have found out that they love getting massages. One of the reasons, of course, is that they are trying to help their bodies recover after all the punishment they receive in the gym. But the other reason is that massage actually helps make our bodies more athletic. The act of massaging the muscles helps them to elongate, making them appear fuller. Massage also helps increase the muscle range, meaning that you can move in more athletic ways.


It’s A Massive Stress Buster

Ester also says that full body massages are a big stress buster compared to regular massages. She says that it is easier to relax and be present in your body. This isn’t a bunch of mumbo jumbo either: it’s backed by hard science. A study conducted in the US found that Swedish massage was the most effective type of massage for reducing the stress hormone, cortisol.

It’s The Best Way To Deal With Problem Areas

Often, problems with posture aren’t located in one, particular area. Instead, the issues and the knock on effects that they cause can emanate from anywhere in the body. This is why clinics like the City Chiro Center offer hydromassage experiences. They help to address problems no matter where they are located. Ester says that full body massages are helpful because problems are regularly found in the glutes, especially for people suffering from lower back pain. A full body massage ensures that all the muscles that could be causing a problem are worked.


It Makes Your Skin Look Better

One of the strange benefits of full body massages that most people don’t expect is the effect that it has on their skin. Ester points out that massages stimulate the blood supply to the skin, helping to deliver nutrients. The final result is glowing skin that looks and feels great. Massage can also help to make skin appear more supple, thanks to all the oils that are used during therapy.


It Helps With Digestion

The Western diet is a bit of a disaster zone when it comes to digestion. Transit times for most people living in wealthy countries are double what they should be, thanks to a lack of fiber. Ester says that massage can be helpful for getting the bowels moving again and helping people to feel more comfortable, especially if they’ve got trapped wind.

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