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African Black Soap: Incredible by Nature vs. Shea Moisture Product Review

African Black Soap (ABS) is natural soap agent that is said to heal dry skin, relieve eczema, rid of dark spots, and improve the overall health of your skin. It has recently become very popular because of the natural ingredients and results. But there are many brands, all claiming the same thing, so I put two to the test.


unnamed (14)Incredible By Nature founded in 2015 and is a company driven to provide the best quality and cost effective products available. They carry three products, African Black Soap, liquid shampoo/body wash, and Shea Butter. You can find all 3 products at; ABS retails for $12.99.


  • Treat & help heal all skin conditions, from dry skin to eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, sensitive skin, or rashes, in fragrant free solid soap bar
  • Made with unrefined Shea Butter and other gentle moisturizing ingredients
  • It’s 100% pure & natural and fights aging, dark spots, and wrinkles.


unnamed (15)Shea Moisture, established in 1912, is a staple in every natural-haired household. They carry something for everyone, from infants to adults, men and women. Shea Moisture introduced a cosmetic line in 2014. All products can be found online, most drugstores, and Target and are reasonably priced; ABS retails for $4.99.


  • Soothing bar soap is specially formulated with organic Shea Butter, oats and aloe to cleanse, moisturize and comfort irritated skin while absorbing excess oil
  • Made from palm ash, tamarind extract, tar and plantain peel, helps to calm and clear blemishes and troubled skin
  • Leaves skin soft and refreshed. Perfect for helping relieve symptoms of eczema or psoriasis.

The Test

I purchased both products and used each of them for one month, first Incredible By Nature then Shea Moisture. I used each product twice a day and used the same face moisturizer. The pros and cons are as follows:


          Incredible By Nature:

  • Saw skin difference in 2-3 uses
  • Removed dark spots from face, under arms and reduces pigment in scars
  • Healed dry skin
  • Fought breakouts and whiteheads
  • Skin felt smoother after first use

          Shea Moisture:

  • Removed shine
  • Didn’t over dry skin
  • Brightened skin
  • No scent
  • In drugstores and Target
  • Price


          Incredible By Nature:

  • Only available on amazon (2 day shipping for PRIME members)
  • Comes in bar form, so I had to cut up into pieces to use
  • Crumbles easily when wet
  • Smells “earthy” not horrible, but not great
  • Remaining bar doesn’t not last long if not taken care of properly

          Shea Moisture:

  • Also in bar form
  • Doesn’t fight breakouts as fast as IBN
  • Took longer to see dark spots disappear
  • Remaining bar will not last long if not taken care of properly


While, these are both great products, Incredible By Nature takes the cake, and is worth the extra money. Shea Moisture is a great product for reducing shine, but it just doesn’t hold up against all IBN can do. Incredible By Nature fought my breakouts from the first wash, I could literally feel bumps fading away while using the product. After using Shea Moisture for a week I started to see breakouts and they didn’t go away quickly, and dark spots didn’t start fading until week 3. Incredible by Nature provided quicker results that lasted longer and visibly made a changes to my skin. I highly recommend it, visit today to get yours!

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