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Beauty Item Review : Is the Beauty Blender worth $20 ?

Beauty Blender

Everyone from beauty guru’s to beginners use a sponge to blend their makeup and get that flawless finish. If you’re on the fence about which one to purchase, I put the two most popular sponges against each other to find out, is the original Beauty Blender worth a whopping $20?!

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Beauty Blender vs. Real Techniques Complexion Sponge

The Real Techniques Complexion Sponge retails for $5.98 at Walmart, super affordable and easy to find at various stores, like Target and Ulta. The sponge has a flat edge to blend product into face and create a fierce contour line. It has a pointy bottom, similar to the tip of the original sponge, useful in getting in the inner eye corner and blending under eye concealer.

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I like to think I do thorough research before purchasing a product; when I read several articles and watched countless YouTube videos  that claimed the complexion sponge was a great dupe for the OG Beauty Blender, I was sold. I purchased my complexion sponge and I was so excited to use it, and save me from dropping $20 bucks on silly a pink sponge. However, when I started to use it, I quickly found that I got better results from my brushes, for several reasons:

  • sponge didn’t blend for me as easy as i thought it would
  • it was extremely fragile, while washing it. It ripped within the first week!
  • it was light but thick, causing it to take forever to wring out soap

It is highly recommended to wash the sponge after each use, and I took the recommendation very seriously! So when it took me longer that a couple minutes to wring out the soap I was annoyed, because, let’s be honest, I’d rather spend 5 minutes blending my eyeshadow, than wringing out a sponge.

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The only thing I really liked about the complexion sponge was the price. After it ripped I didn’t purchase another one, my brushes worked just fine and I could live without it. But, I didn’t run to purchase a $20 Beauty Blender either!

I didn’t purchase the Beauty Blender until I found them on sale on I got two and they came with a Beauty Blender cleanser for $12.50 each, plus free shipping! There was no way I could let that offer pass me by!

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When I received my Beauty Blender I was really taken aback by the size. After all of the reviews and tutorials I watched recommending and using the Beauty Blender, no one mentioned how small the sponge is when dry. I literally thought I had accidentally purchased the mini sponge! It wasn’t until I wet it that I realized that was the size I saw in the videos. After I got passed my mini-heart attack, I was thrilled to finally have and use my Beauty Blender.

**Disclaimer: I am nowhere near a makeup artist/guru/professional. So when I started to blend my under eye concealer, I was like OKAYYYY! I was completely impressed, and so glad I got two! The OG Beauty Blender gave me life for several reasons:

  • provided flawless coverage and blends to perfection
  • light, fluffy sponge bounced off my skin
  • able to give it a good washing without fear of ripping
  • soap wrings out with ease

Other than the price, I can’t complain. But I would definitely drop a $20 or two next time around, because it is absoluetly  worth it! If you’re still unsure about purchasing your own Beauty Blender, their website offers a return and refund within 30 days of purchase, and through June, if you buy their beauty.blusher (blush sponge) you get a free blush! Sounds like a win-win to me!

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