Dallas Millennial Chef Gets Creative Amid COVID-19 Outbreak with Interactive Digital Cookbook & Visual Album

Chef Gabrielle Mcbay

Press Release: 

Dallas, TX (April 2020)—It’s been a few weeks since the country-wide mandate for people to stay home during the Covid-19 global pandemic. With the food industry deeply affected, restaurants are closed, employees are out of work and grocery stores are scarce, leaving a lot of chefs with unprecedented time on their hands. Despite the setback, Dallas-based millennial chef Gabrielle McBay is cooking up her own creative outlet to inspire and feed her following.

The chef took to her Instagram feed with an audience of 13,000+ to announce her latest 10-day project— an interactive digital cookbook & visual album where followers will have input on recipes, design concept, photo editing, etc. You Have Food At Home features 25+ simple yet tasty dishes from staple ingredients in anyone’s pantry.

Whether it’s the kid-approved breakfast pop tart made with fresh eggs, hardwood smoked bacon, cheese and flaky pie crust or her popular buttermilk fried salmon & grits, Chef Elle’s innovative menus come to life with step-by-step instruction, stunning food photography and dope music.

“With added time at home, I’ve been doing live cooking classes and receiving a lot of messages and comments from my followers about what to buy and how to make meals,” said McBay, “Some of them were freaking out, understandably so. I felt charged to show people that they can keep food simple and delicious. I feel inspired to encourage everyone that cooking doesn’t just have to be for keeping busy, but also reducing anxiety and learning a valuable life skill.”

More than just a cookbook, You Have Food at Home is a testament that anything is possible in today’s digitally enabled world—with the right mix of creativity, persistence and innovative thinking.

Chef Gabrielle McBay, owner of Ellements Cuisine and Pastry Concepts holds over ten years of experience in the culinary industry. As a nationally recognized chef, Gabrielle has been featured across notable media platforms including Food Network, ABC Family, Forbes, Black Enterprise magazines and the New York Times. Her extensive resume details high profile clientele and reputable brands including Lexus, Williams Sonoma, Neiman Marcus, Nike, Lincoln, and American Airlines. McBay is the author of Peace, Love, and Good Food and You Have Food at Home.         

You Have Food At Home is available at 

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