5 Great Places to Find Vegan and Ethically Sourced Shoes

Written by: Samantha Higgins

With habitats under attack, business practices in question, and the environment at stake, you must do what you can to make a difference. One idea you should consider is using only vegan shoes.

Vegan and ethically sourced shoes are more available to you than they ever have been.

And while not every manufacturer has jumped on the wagon toward sustainability, you can find shoes from sustainable manufacturers in more places than ever before.

Check out these five places to find vegan and efficiently sourced shoes.

1. Online Retailers

Online shopping is popular for so many reasons for shoppers like you. You have access to more brands, more styles, and various prices. Sales, coupons, and other features make online retailers even more appealing to you. You have several different benefits usually found through just one of many websites.

You will be able to shop for vegan-friendly items like boots, sandals, sneakers, even vegan ballet flats. You can also find vegan-friendly accessories to match your footwear. No matter your budget, you can usually find a deal on through an online retailer, some of which are committed to ethical sourcing.

2. Mom and Pop Shops

Mom and pop shops and other local-small businesses are a great resource for you, too. Look in your community to see what options you have. You will be able to also mitigate environmental issues impacting animal wildlife. Sometimes, larger retailers have been found not to support sustainability.

And if you cannot find vegan and ethically sources shoes yet in your community, ask your local businesses to start carrying them. Chances are, the local shop owner can find them for you, and they can also find exactly what you want. It pays to have a relationship with the business owners in your community.

3. Big Box Stores

Big box stores are catching on to the trend, though. They are beginning to understand the importance of sustainability, and they also are starting to meet the demands of consumers that have animals, the environment, and ethics in mind. They are making cruelty free shoes available at their locations.

Some folks like you tend to shy away from larger retailers because of their histories with animal, environmental, and worker rights. However, most companies are catching up with the times, and they are hearing your demands. If you have given up on them, you should give bix box stores another shot.

4. Thrift Boutiques

You can always find vegan and ethically sourced shoes at thrift stores. You do not have to buy new to buy a vegan product that is efficiently made. In fact, you also cut down on waste, environmental impacts to animals, and other issues pertaining to a fashionable vegan-free lifestyle.

You just have to know what to look for when out shopping. Use your smartphone to look up shoe brands. With a search online, you can confirm whether or not your shoes are 100 percent guaranteed to be vegan. Some brands only make vegan shoes. Some brands make vegan and non-vegan shoes. Knowing what constitutes as vegan is the most important part.

5. Family and Friends

Your family and friends are great resources, too. You can always tell them what you are looking for, and they can alert you about availability and any special sales. You might even encourage others to join you in committing to only wearing shoes that are vegan and ethically sourced.

You can also turn to family and friends to swap and trade shoes, as well as other items. Consider having a get-together where everyone brings sustainable goods they no longer use. It could end up your friend down the street bought the exact shoes you wanted in your size only to find out they were too narrow for her. Don’t you think it is worth a shot? Also, you completely take out additional animal cruelty, reduce chances for ethics violations from businesses, and reduce your environmental impact when you opt for swaps and trades over purchases from businesses.

It Is Easier Than You Think

You just have to know what you are looking for, and what you should avoid. Seek out shoes with synthetic fibers and shoes containing no animal products. Make sure that your shoes come from ethical suppliers, too.

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