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Brand Spotlight on Ace Deucxe by DEUCXE

During the Cosign Experience Weekend in Dallas we met a designer who had some very unique designs and we had to connect. 
Name : Alexandra Wilkerson
Company Name: Ace Deucxe by DEUCXE

TCS: What made you start your line?

DEUCXE : I initially wanted to be an independent sneaker designer, but after researching the amount of financial backing I needed in order to start the sneaker line, I figured starting with clothing would be an easier way to break into the market and then eventually start my sneaker line.

TCS: What inspires you to create your items ?

DEUCXE : Other designers inspire me to create my items, as well as watching old school movies like House Party and Spike Lee films She’s Gotta Have It, Do The Right Thing and School Daze. I also pull inspiration from episodes of Martin and A Different World.


TCS: Who do you follow  that was key in your creation of your product?

DEUCXE: I enjoy following a variety of people from musicians, fashion designers and entrepreneurs that are constantly doing something. These people inspire me to make everyday count regardless of my current environment or situation.


TCS: What items do you plan to release in the fall?

DEUXCE: The items I plan to release in the fall consist of a few graphic t-shirts, outer wear that will include pullovers hoodies and bomber jackets. I will also be incorporating some new fabrics and textiles with my upcoming collection.

TCS: How do you describe your items to someone who is new to your brand ?

DEUXCE: My items can best be described to someone who is unfamiliar with the brand Ace Deucxe by Deucxe, would be unisex street wear clothing. The clothing line really focuses on silhouettes and textiles for each of its pieces that are primarily made and produced in the United States.

TCS: Describe passion ?

DEUXCE: Passion is a feeling or emotion that you cannot get rid of no matter how hard you try to avoid the feeling. Passion is something that stays on your mind all day when you’re working your 9-5, Monday through Friday.

TCS: What are your 5 favorite brands?


1. Y-3

2. Adidas clothing

3. Supreme

4. Hanifa

5. Joyrich

TCS: Your favorite quote ?

DEUXCE: “Hustle for your last name, not your first” -Damon Dash

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