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[Inspiration ] The Unbelievable Things from God – Pops Thoughts

Pops G :

I was recently reading the story in John 11 of how Jesus raised his friend Lazarus from the grave, after he’d been dead for 4 days.  Not 4 minutes or 4 hours, but 4 days.

Find me a doctor or scientist who can explain that!  Actually they can’t explain it because it was a miracle.  Jesus delayed his coming and allowed Lazarus to remain dead so that the disciples would believe on Him and God would be glorified.

This week take a few minutes and reflect on some unbelievable things that have happened in your life.  Maybe you received a job that you weren’t qualified for or had very little experience in or survived a wreck and came out without a scratch.  What about that sticky situation that you got out of ?

You may have thought it was luck, chance or maybe a much needed break?  Far From IT!!!

God speaks to us through His word but He also speaks through circumstances in an attempt to get you to believe and turn to Him.

He can interrupt time and fix any situation, open any door, extend any life even raise a dead and buried friend from the grave.  If life seems confusing or it has brought you down a path of difficulty, believe that God is concerned and He’s willing to do miraculous things in your life.  By now you’ve probably thought of some unexplainable events that have happened in your life. It’s not a matter of if He can do great things but the question is “Do You Believe?”  Read John 3:16  and God will tell you who (Jesus) and what to believe to be saved.

Be Blessed, Be Encouraged, Be You!

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