Inspire to Be Inspired

The Clock to Success Never Stops Ticking

By: A.D. Gilmore

In this life you can achieve anything you desire but SUCCESS will take hard work, determination and it will take TIME.  Don’t think you can just pop yourself into a “success microwave”, push a button and be on the top overnight. Reflect: Prior to graduating from high school you went through a 12 year step by step program, then after 12 years, you celebrated and probably continued 2-4 more years of education.  Your success involved a structured plan and it took TIME. SO BE PATIENT!!

Lesson #2

After you’ve put your trust in the finished work of Jesus Christ then you’re saved and spiritual growth should began, but it will also take TIME.  A relationship with God through Jesus Christ is more important than a successful earthly life because the former involves eternity.  

So whether you’re growing spiritually, professionally, or socially, be encouraged and know that SUCCESS in life is a process and God will work all things out in His TIME.

Growth Assignment:  Read Philippians 1:6    

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