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Inspiration : The Master Key of Life

There comes a time in life when a person has tried this and tried that, they’ve achieved milestones, received awards, recognition, made lots of money etc., yet they still feel something is missing in their life.  Man accomplishes one thing only to find out he must do something to top that.  He’s like a man with a bunch of keys on a ring not knowing that on the ring there’s a master key that unlocks every door to life one could imagine.

King Solomon was the 3rd king of Israel and he had everything a man could ever desire.  He had respect, authority, silver and gold, livestock and servants.  He had wives and concubines totaling at least 1000 and each one of them were as beautiful as the next.  In other words, King Solomon had it going on in every area of his life.  However, in the book of Ecclesiastes, Solomon realizes that something is missing in his life.

He sets out to try everything that would satisfy his flesh, in an attempt to fill a void and to gain insight on this thing called life.  In this day in time you might say he had this long bucket list of adventures he wanted to do before he died. Anyway, at the end of his exploration of the meaning of life, Solomon concluded that life was meaningless without God.

He realized that the thing that was missing was a personal relationship with God.  Our lesson today is that in this time of grace we can have that personal relationship with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.  Get your priorities in order.  Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you (Matthew 6:33).  Put God first then look to satisfy yourself after that.  If the richest, wisest man to ever live figured this out we would also be wise to follow his lead.

Find that “Master Key” in life and you’ll discover many doors will open without a key at all.  Jesus is the door and He’s waiting on you to knock and come on in.  Grace and Peace to you!

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