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Three Life Lessons from Super Bowl LI

By: Alexandria

While watching Super Bowl LI with friends, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t amazed by the powerful comeback staged by the New England Patriots. I began to think about how everyone in the room quickly counted the Patriots out of the race for the trophy at the half, a score of 21-3. The Atlanta Falcons were up and seemed pretty victorious to me. The tide quickly turned at the end of the third quarter, however. The Patriots went on to force the first ever Super Bowl overtime and come out victorious. Their victory inspired me to reflect more about this portion of my life. Thanks to Tom Brady and his crew, I quickly realized:

  1. People will inevitably discredit you when the score is not in your favor
  2. People look to you for inspiration, whether the situation is favorable or not
  3. You should prepare for your comeback season with faith

People will count you out when the odds are stacked against you

Usually when you have experienced a major setback people tend to notice you are down and don’t expect you to get back up or regain your momentum.  Not scoring the deal, the job, or the promotion that you know you deserved can make it seem like there is no hope of winning, especially when trailing by 19 points as the New England Patriots did . You will have to deal with the L that you took. Others will discredit your advances, prematurely, especially in the first half of your grind. There will be band wagon jumpers that will either entirely jump ship on you or remain silent when you need them to speak up on your behalf the most. Then, there will be others, the commentators,  that choose to speak incessantly about what you should have or could have done better that would not have landed you in your current situation. These are people that will attempt to give you “tips” about what you do but have never actually been in your shoes.

The patriots chose to remain on the course to victory despite the score, the premature celebrations, and what others had already began to say about them as a team. Remain steadfast and focused on the opponent and the task at hand. Do not focus on the score, the time clock, or the crowd of spectators. When you follow the guidance and direction from Christ, despite the odds, you will be victorious. That is a promise. Stay faithful. Only you have received your vision from God, not those that choose to commentate on your current situation. “They” don’t know your potential.




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