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[Inspiration] Do What You Want When You Poppin’ ! What Does That Really Mean ?

Author : Alexandria Traylor | 

Outside Voices

Ignore the voices that are outside of what you know needs to be done. Ignore the people who doubt you as well as the naysayers no matter who they are. These individuals can be at your job, in your community, or unfortunately be your friends and family. Your success is never defined by someone else’s limited vocabulary. Your confidence shouldn’t stem from the approval of others. You were given the reigns of your own life so be sure to steer clear of doubters and non-believers. Don’t stop because people that may not understand your reasoning question why.


Your Journey

When you are popping, it can be easy to become distracted by the success of others or what others may be doing around you. You cannot judge your journey based on another’s. You may be on Chapter 1 and the  person you are wrongfully comparing yourself to may be on Chapter 8. Your journey was created by the creator of all things in a specific order for a reason. He knew that you had to endure some things to be ready for what lies ahead. You had be heated up before you can begin sizzling.


Your Freedom

What you want to accomplish most is on the opposite side of fear. Your happiness and freedom will come from you consciously deciding that you will push through opposition. Your belief is yourself is manifested from the freedom that you grant yourself. Give yourself permission to act upon the desires of your heart.  No one can deem you as “sensational” until you claimed this about yourself. Those around you will also be able to recognize your confidence. You are able to define what success looks like to you and from that success you can do what is necessary to achieve it. So by all means, always do what you want because you poppin’!


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