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Let’s Talk: Is Laziness Costing You Money?

If you’re staring at this title and feeling offended – sorry about that. However… are you a little bit lazy?

“Aren’t we all!” should be the immediate response. Unless you are a hyper-organized Type-A personality, then the chances are that you have a lazy streak. Wanting to sit around all day doing as you please – isn’t that the dream? It’s hard to believe there are people in this world who win the lottery and continue to work. Have they not heard of books? Movies? TV?

Laziness is good. It means we have time to relax, recharge our mental and physical batteries and generally enjoy life. There’s no point pelting along at 2,000 miles per hour – it’s not like the finish line of life is particularly enticing.

“So how does it cost me money?” You might be thinking. “That’s what the title said, but now you’ve gone on about how laziness is good for me. Losing money isn’t good for me, so… what’s your point?”

Some things can go too far. Even water – the thing you are constantly being told to consume more of – can straight up kill you if you drink too much of it.

Even the best things have their fulcrum and being lazy has it as well. There are some areas in life that if you don’t invest some time and energy in, it’ll come back to bite you.


“Okay, I’m listening – what areas?”

Health is a good place to begin. You know you should have dental check-ups, regular eye exams and check your body for moles and worrying lumps… but do you? Every time?

I’m going to go with: no. You might do it occasionally, but not with the regularity ideally required. It’s a bad one to overlook, though. The most serious illnesses – including the big C – are treatable in some fashion. They are most treatable, with the highest likelihood of a positive outcome (medical speak for “staying alive”), if they are caught early.

The kicker, of course, is that the more treatment you need, the more expensive it’s going to be. It’s a lot easier to treat something early on, causing less harm for your finances, than to try and catch up with a progressed disease. Medical debt is a real problem – don’t be a victim, too.

“Okay, anything else?”

Sure – are you as financially intelligent as you should be? Think of the last time you chose to look for an apartment to rent. Did you browse, find something that looked okay and then grab it?

Or did you actually search, looking for the best deal you could find? Did you check every conceivable online site, such as Apartments and Houses For Rent | RoomHere and the other multitude of options? Yes, filling out the same search query is boring – but isn’t overpaying rent even more boring?

It’s not just your choice of home, either. When did you last switch supplier for your utilities? If the answer isn’t “recently”, then you’re missing out on a better deal. Your cell phone plan – did you haggle or just accept the last upgrade?

“Is that it?”

Not at all, but these are the two most important. Neglect these at your peril, both for the sake of your health and your financial situation. Take care of them then had back to the couch – you deserve it. You’ve been busy.

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