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The Top Three Reasons Why No One Cares About Your Dream

By: Alexandria

Are you a person with a wonderful vision? A plan that you believe, a vision, that you know without a doubt has the power to revolutionize the world. If your answer is yes, then I am talking to you. If you have a plan but you are unsure of yourself in the beginning stages, then I am talking to you. You may even be the person that has started. You took the leap and decided to just go for it full force. However, you are not seeing any traction to your vision. It is flatter than Christmas ginger ale on New Year’s Day. Your goal is not picking up any momentum, so you decide to half ass it because you think that no one is paying you attention anyway. If this, also, sounds like you then I am definitely talking to you.

There are times that we have huge goals set for ourselves and huge visions we crave to execute. We know that we have something innately about us that makes what we are doing special and unique. However, it can be extremely discouraging when we check our progress to see that no one is agreeing with us. When you explain what your goal is to your friends or family members, they grin at you and utter a disbelieving “Oh, is that right”. It sucks when you reach out to your peers for help, only to be responded to with silence. When this happens, I challenge you to not blame outside influences for your vision not gaining any traction. I urge you to look within and ask yourself three simple questions. These questions are just a start.

1.You Don’t Believe in Yourself

When you talk to others about your goals or aspiration, do you speak with passion and conviction? No one will believe in something that isn’t compelling. You must begin with you. You have to believe that the story behind your vision or passion, your why, is worth telling. You are the worthy individual that has to tell it. Matter of fact, you are the only individual that is able to tell the why behind your passion driven project. That detail is what makes you unique. You cannot possibly expect anyone to listen and believe in your movement if you don’t even believe in yourself. The definition of believe is to have a strong conviction that what you are saying is true. If you know, without a doubt, that what you are building is real and credible, stand on that fact as true. The most important step in believing in yourself is getting in tune with Christ and owning your story as His plan for your life. Align your desires with His desires and function in confidence when you move forward.


“If you don’t see yourself as valuable, then you can’t convince me that you are valuable” – Maya Elious via Jon Lowe for Blavity

2.You Are Not Talking to the Right People

Be sure that you are not only building but you are also praying. If you are not doing so on a consistent basis, this could be a huge part of why your vision isn’t coming to life like it actually can. God is the orchestrator of everything. Why wouldn’t you trust Him to enable your vision? I don’t care if you talk to 45 people about your dream. I don’t care if you have the blue print of your vision. If the first person is not God, you can count on some hiccups. Continuously talk to Him and allow God to guide you through your prayers and His word. Before you go into any new avenue, seek God’s counseling. Prayer is our direct hot line to God. Continuous communication is the foundation of relationship. In order to see God act and move, you must first tell Him what you need. Then, trust that He will meet you in the exact space where you are.


Who are you conversing with about your goals and desires? Look towards people who are goal oriented and have something that could possibly contribute to your success. Don’t waste your necessary time, effort, and breath on a conversation that is not guaranteed to be lucrative. There is a chance that others still will not believe you when you tell them where your growth is taking you. You cannot expect someone to fully understand your story when they are not the ones who wrote it. Make sure you have people that you can talk to that have been there done that. If you can find a mentor, great! If not, it is also great to have someone in your corner that can share their relate able experiences with you. Although everything that worked for them may not work for you, you can still learn something from their invaluable experience.

3.You Aren’t Talking About the Right Things

Monitor the quality of your conversations. Are you spending more time on social media, gossiping, or catching up with this week’s Love and Hip Hop? Instead you should be spending your free time building by making personal connections that will have a lasting and resounding effect in the future. Strive to have conversations that are thought provoking and inspiring. Grab you a couple of friends, yes I mean just two, that you know will hold you accountable for your growth. Your conversations should always stem from matters of the heart. Whatever your heart is passionate about focus on those things. When you waste time, having fluff conversations, you will manifest fluff results in all areas of your life. Your conversations should have a focus of attaining and sharing knowledge with one another.


You also want to examine what the tone of your conversation is. Are you the negative Nancy in the group? You cannot allow your unpleasant experience to flood your mindset so much so that it causes you to speak negatively about situations. Even if you do not talk badly about your own dream, your negative talk is a direct reflection of your negative self-thought. You cannot build something positive with negativity surrounding your every move. One negative thought planted will eventually manifest as a weed in the garden where your growth and nourishment should lie.

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