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Thought of the Day : Check Your Messages

By : Al G.

When I opened my eyes this morning I immediately grabbed my phone to check my e-mail messages.  Later on in the day I visited the mailbox looking to see who was trying to communicate with me and found nothing but bills and junk.  That’s ok though, the mailman is cool.  We live in a day in time where the cell phone stays so close to us that it has become another part of our body.

We can’t go 15 minutes without looking at it for messages, calls or news on the internet.  We are bombarded by messages and calls, some important and some not so important.  But as I was out driving today I noticed the beautiful messages God gives us to see, but we tend to overlook because we’re so busy.  I looked up and noticed the bold, white, puffy clouds that seemed to be strategically placed in front of a light blue backdrop.

I looked in a yard and saw a deep red rose bush and in the same block I noticed a crepe myrtle tree that had burst with a brilliant pink bloom and I thought about how great our God is.  I was reminded on this day the great light that God had placed in the sky, appearing each day at his command, exposes everything.

Today make sure you don’t get so busy with the messages of men that you overlook the majestic messages God shows us in His creation.

Take time and read how God now communicates to the world through his dear Son (Hebrews 1:1-2).  He has given us the greatest message known to man which is: Jesus died, was buried and He rose again on the 3rd day and if you put your faith in this gospel message you can have eternal life with the True and Living God.  Now that’s a MESSAGE!!!

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