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The Truth about Your Closed Door

BY: Alexandria Traylor

Last week, I was listening to a message from One Church LA’s Wednesday night bible study. The message was entitled “Mirror, Mirror” by Sarah Jakes Roberts. She covered a story that I had never heard of before out of the book of Ezekiel about how God breathed a breath of life into dry bones.  She also spoke about the ways that it seems like God is bringing you to your purpose but you have not reached the fulfillment of your calling. Sarah brought to mind the convention of the door that leads to your break through. As believers, we must examine the purpose of the door as well as what significance we decide to give the door in our lives. We must ask ourselves, are we giving this obstacle too much authority in our lives. When it comes to walking towards our destiny, there will be numerous doors in the way. How we chose to deal with this one will be a precursor to how we will handle future obstacles.  There are five ways in which you may be delaying your purpose depending on how you chose to view the feared closed door.


While going through life, confidence is largely built upon how many successes experienced as well as how many obstacles we have victoriously overcame. There is no possible way that we can achieve a success without seeing the obstacle, acknowledging the challenge and still deciding to continue, full speed ahead. Many chose to not approach the door at all. Even though our “yellow brick road” leads up clearly to the door, we chose to re-route ourselves toward a detour. The detour could lead us to more strife and struggle. Often times, we do not approach the door simply because it “appears” closed. When in reality, the door is open, unlocked or even cracked open, but just appears shut from where we are standing. All it takes is for us to approach the door, for the challenge to dissipate. All we may need to do is ask the right questions, connect with the right people, or press send on the email even though we are apprehensive.


There are times that we have approached the door and this time it appears closed. We may fit all of the requirements for the promotion or the position but when it is time to complete the application it goes undone because there are one or two other qualified people for the same position. Strides have been made but we have failed to turn the door knob because of an assumption. We thought it was locked when truly all we needed to do was turn the knob in order to enter. In this case, we didn’t even place our hand on the knob to know for sure. Don’t be the one that is in proper alignment with all the resources but chose to not tap into them out of fear or negative self-talk. You have made up in your mind that you aren’t worthy or unqualified.  You are feeding yourself so much negativity that it has paralyzed you into inaction.


Learn about the three other ways that you may be subconsciously delaying your purpose on Baes & Bombshells. Remember, your door must have a knob for you to turn. Learn about how you must open your door before you can receive. Finally, read about why you must trust God’s plan for you to confidently stride through your door.


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