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How Being Uncomfortable Can Boost Your Creativity

By : Alexandria Traylor |

The Beauty in Being Outside of Your Comfort Zone

You must adapt. In experiencing a change, whether the change was expected or unexpected, we are given an opportunity to do something that is unconventional. In the new direction, you will be able to challenge yourself. In this challenge, you will begin to see that you are more equipped to adapt than you previously thought. The initial transition period, no doubt, may be rough or rocky. In seeing that you can handle change, you will be more confident moving forward in your future endeavors. The beauty is that you will be able to constantly discover new ways of thinking and doing. I often find myself more open to different types of solutions when I find myself stifled out of frustration. By willingly seeking for answers, you are sure to find them. Get used to doing the leg work necessary to propel you forward. Make it a constant practice to surround yourself with people who will challenge you. You will view these challenges as opportunities to venture out and reach new levels of growth. Examine why you feel uncomfortable. Now remember, the best innovations come directly out of a lack, a gap that is needed to be filled. Is it possible that you were uprooted from a place of comfort so that you can be the individual that can fulfill this void? Could it be that you are the solution? Adapt to a new level of productivity.

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