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Freelancers: Could a Camping Trip Be Just What Your Productivity Needs

As a freelancer, you and your salaried friends probably have more in common than ever right now. You’re both working from home. You’re probably using the same tools. And it’s more than likely that you’re using the same operational strategies to keep your days productive. But there’s one fundamental difference. Unlike them, your livelihood is directly linked to your profitability at all times. They can afford to have off-days, slow days and sick days… you cannot. They can have hugely fluctuating productivity levels from one week to the next and still get paid the same. You… well, you get the idea.

Freelancers either survive or thrive based on their productivity. And when this starts to wane, it can lead to a direct loss of profitability. So, what do you do to keep your productivity levels consistently high? Invest in another clever new app? Outsource some of your workload to another freelancer you know and trust? Or (stay with this)… take a break. No, seriously. A free days camping in the gentle embrace of nature could be just what your productivity and mental health needed.

Here’s why…

It gives you an opportunity to relax your mind

Your brain is just like any other part of your body. It gets tired. And when you don’t get the chance to rest and unwind in meaningful ways (bathing in the blue light of your TV screen doesn’t count). It gives you the chance to relax and recharge in the company of nature. It allows you access to fresh air an sunlight. Commodities that many freelancers simply aren’t getting enough of right now. And it allows you to spend some time away from your screens and in surroundings that are naturally conducive to rest and relaxation.

Nature inspires creativity

Whatever you do to make a living as a freelancer, there’s a good chance that it requires at least a modicum of creativity. As well as helping to relieve stress and improve cognitive function and memory, spending time in nature is also known to boost creativity. So you can return inspired and less likely to experience frustrating creative block. 

You can take some time to absorb and learn

Taking a camping trip doesn’t necessarily just mean walking around fields and forests. It can also mean inspiring yourself by reading or listening to fascinating podcasts and audio books. It can mean hunkering down in the comfort of your tent- and tents can be very comfortable even if you’re tall or heavy set, just check out these tents for tall people– and immersing yourself in a page turner. It can mean having the time to absorb and learn and improve the quality of your work in ways that you don’t always get to do when your nose is at the grindstone. 

You’ll return to your desk recharged, sharper and more productive

Sure, a camping trip will necessitate being away from your desk for a few days. But this will work out way more favorable than the potential productivity loss that will come when you’re slogging through exhaustion, frustration and a creative deficit.  The time away from your worries and stressors combined with the relaxing and restorative qualities of nature can ensure that you return to your desk rested, energized and inspired!

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