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How the Verbiage You Use Can Change Your Life

Author : Alexandria Traylor ||

You may be avoiding speaking life into your environment and situation with the verbs that you choose to use in everyday conversation unknowingly. The tense of the verbs that you use when speaking about your life and your future will give those that you converse with a glimpse into how you view yourself. Learn to exude confidence and literally fake it until you can flaunt it.

Instead of using language such as “I aspire to be…” or “I hope to be…”, replace the verbs with “am”.

For example, I am an entrepreneur or I am an event planner. In this manner you are stating the affirmative. You are telling others that you are communicating with that you are no longer wanting to become something. You are stating that you are actively pursuing that occupation, status, or label. You are subconsciously giving yourself permission to be that instead of merely hoping or wishing to be. If you put an earnest amount of work ethic into it, then own it. Instead of stating that you “have a website” or “have a boutique”, say that you “own a blog/boutique”. The way that you make this claim lets others know that you put a high amount of effort and expenses in your chosen craft and you have physical evidence to prove it.

Practice speaking what you believe that you deserve.

Condition yourself to speak in the present tense, not the future. By speaking who you are, you subconsciously attract more influence in that area, as well as like-minded people

You will be able to connect with more entrepreneurs when you claim that you own your own business. You will bring more opportunities into your life when you state that you are an event planner. When seeking out a graphic designer, you would not trust the potential of your brand into the hands of a person that merely claims to be an aspiring graphic designer. You would trust someone with a portfolio of all designs past and present with a proper claim to fame. Even if this individual did not yet have a website, you would still request their contact information based on who they claim to be as well as the evidence that they produce. After you have spoken your destiny into existence, you have given yourself permission to believe in your talent, it is now time to go perfect your craft.

By changing your verbiage, you are actively creating your reality. You are creating a mental reality of operating in what you have previously aspired to be. You will be able to create new aspirations and goals to achieve which encourages progress and future business ventures.

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