10 Most Valuable Football and Rookie Cards

By : Crystal Roman

Sports cards have increasingly become popular in America and other places. Very few investment options in the market can give high returns as sports paperboards do. Millions of people have invested in Basketball, baseball, hockey collectibles and many more, but today, I invite you to focus on football ones. I don’t want to assume that you know the factors that affect the value of the cards; they include age, the quantity of items released and the condition of your collection, just to mention but a few. I know that you desire to get good returns for your money, just continue reading these lines to know the most valuable football sports items. We hope you will be lucky to own at least one out of these ten.

  1. Russell Wilson

The 2012 football paperboards bearing the name Wilson Rookie have lately become the most popular and top priced on the market. There are a variety of cards you can invest on and earn significantly, depending on your affordability. Those seeking cheap options can consider Prestige ones, but if you are a serious investor, secure your Panini Competitors Russell Wilson RC Ticket, and you will experience a financial smile. Other Wilson Rookie cards are Prizm Rookie, Bowman Sterling Rookie and 2012 finest; the choice is yours.

  1. Peyton Manning

Out of the many 1998 Peyton Manning football showpieces, today I will recommend a few to you. The SP Authentic Peyton Manning showpieces are the most wanted football cards. The high demand poses a challenge in finding this costly item in good condition. If you are looking for best options, Upper Deck is another choice available to you in addition to Collector’s Edge Peyton and Bowman Chrome cards. 

  1. Jameis Winston

The Autograph and Game-Used Memorabilia are in the league of the most expensive football cards worthy your investment with assurance of getting value for your money. There are over 100 pieces in the market under the name Jameis Winston.

  1. Marcus Mariota

Some of the Marcus cards are very valuable selling up to $2000 per item; they are the most wanted football catches. However, there are some very affordable ones. Over 2000 Marcus paperboards were produced in 2015, and you can imagine the market appetite for these.

  1. Andrew Luck

These are the most popular collectibles in the sports world today. A lot of people are purchasing these best cards online; they are elegant and very attractive. Some of Andrew’s paperboards sell over $50.

  1. Drew Brees

Since his triumphant victory in Indianapolis Colt, Drew Brees trading pieces became the fieriest football cards one can find in the market. Their cost has tripled since the supper win, if you decide to invest in this card, then you won’t be disappointed.

  1. Tom BradyTom has a lot of his most popular football cards in the market though not easily found being the most expensive football cards.
  2. Adrian Peterson

    A lot of people are running for these newest pieces in NFL, Adrian has just played for two years, yet his cards are rocking the world. I consider it financial wisdom because soon when his fame reaches the prime, the cost of the card will amazingly escalate to be the most priced collectibles.

    A few of these are Bowman Chrome Autograph Rookie, Topps Rookie, and Topps Chrome RC Refractor cards.

  3. Colin Kaepernick

    Kaepernick has already shown everyone that he is the best player. Kaepernick paperboards are a sure investment for diligent people. If you doubt this, ask someone from this essay writing service, it can provide you with a detailed true account of Kaepernick cards.

  4. Tony Romo

    For the people who desire to make great and reliable investments, Tony Romo Rookie football paperboards are the best option. Just like the rest, there are a variety of Tony Romo items.

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