Bike Shops Came Together to Give Back to the Cycling Community

Cyclists deserve an upgrade. So why not offer them quality premium deals with a discount?

Bike Computer announced partnerships with a number of independent bike shops to deliver Premium Deals to its community. Just 10 months after launching Bike Computer has reached over 350,000 downloads for Android and iOS, with over 100,000 monthly active users who have covered over 6.4 million miles to date. Now, the startup is ready to give back to the cyclists.

It is a simple strategy meant to benefit the cyclist, and help support the independent bike shops and the startup. The campaign called “Premium Deals” delivers product discounts to the premium users of Bike Computer, effectively making the subscription pay for itself. Besides the premium discount that can reach up to 40%, premium users get access to personalized metrics, Keep me Safe, and a Dark Theme for their Bike Computer.

“We want to help cyclists discover the best gear for them. We want to connect them with bike shops who are working hard to deliver modern and cool products. They have the expertise to create gear that cyclists can enjoy, and we have the community that appreciates the effort. It is an easy match”, says Maria Smith, partnership manager at Bike Computer.

Safety First!

Cycling is becoming a popular sport in every corner of the world – even Financial Times called ‘cycling as the new golf’ because of its power to network dedicated professionals who cycle to relieve stress and explore physical limits. Yet, few apps are thinking about improving the safety of cyclists who frequent roads outside of the city limits, often riding in solitude.

Cars, bad roads, blown up tires… there are different factors that can hurt a cyclist. The team of Bike Computer, who are passionate cyclists, know this too well. On one of their team ride, they lost a friend who fell into a ditch. No apps or device could help them locate the unconscious cyclists. Few terrifying hours passed until they eventually found him. He had a mild concussion, but most importantly the team had the desire to do something about the safety of cyclists.

This is how Keep me Safe was born, and later become a popular feature for thousands of users to download the app. Keep me Safe feature will send SOS messages with the location to the emergency contacts. Keep me Safe is a favorite of cyclists who often ride alone, and want to make sure their family and friends know that they are safe. Keep me Safe can literally save lives, as this video demonstrates.

Premium Subscription that Pays Itself

The portfolio of products included in Premium Deals is built to match the cyclists’ desire. Bike Computer is expanding Premium Deals weekly with new discounts and tailored offers. All with the ultimate goal ahead to deliver the most personalized product to you.  Premium Deals are available from the Bike Computer app to subscribers.

‘’Premium is our all-out effort to keep athletes safe, improve their performance, & to make every activity as enjoyable as possible; we’ve carefully selected partners and providers who share this same ethos. We know that Premium members join to get the most out of their sport & the most out of Bike Computer, which is why we’re committed to continually developing new features as well as introducing these new premium deals for athletes.’’, says Maria

What else is included in the Premium Version?

Another popular Premium features are the customizable dashboard where cyclists can re-arrange the metrics that are most important to them, and change the interface to a Dark Theme. The Dark Theme is optimized to save battery life for Android, and it also looks awesome on the iPhone. It is great for day and night rides as well.

“There are ongoing talks with the cycling community about what they need from the bike shops. We share that feedback with the bike shops, and soon, we can suggest personalized products, which I think is great for every cyclist, no matter if they ride more often or not”, says Maria.

Just 10 months after launching Bike Computer has reached over 350,000 downloads for Android and iOS, with over 100,000 monthly active users who have covered over 6.4 million miles to date.

Bike Computer is free to download for Android ( and iOS (, although to unlock all features you need to subscribe.

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