Celebrating The Return Of Baseball Season

Spring’s coming up and for sports fans that means more than bright fields of flowers, sunnier weather, and leaves on the trees. It means baseball season is coming back. Opening day is one of the most hype times of the year and there’s no blaming if you if you want to really get into the celebrations. Here, we’re going to look at how you start organizing the big day now and kick off the season in style.

Make it a big trip

Obviously, the way you’re really going to want to celebrate Opening Day is to go see your favorite team playing. The air is electric and there are few moments in the year that quite as exciting and heartwarming as the home-team introduction. You might know all the members of the Dodgers team. But on the Dodgers Opening Day home game, you get the chance to see and show your appreciation for all the coaches and members of the behind-the-scenes team as that you don’t get another chance to see until postseason As well as giving some love to the players you know well, of course. You want to get it booked and start organizing early, of course, because those Opening Day tickets are always in demand.

Get a fantasy league set up

If you’re a real fan, you’re going to want to get right into the belly of the game, keeping track on your favorite players all over the league and ensuring your knowledge and love of the sport is kept sharp. That’s one of the great benefits to joining a fantasy league or even setting one up with your buddies. Besides giving you even more reason to get invested in the season, it’s a great way to make the sport more social. There will be arguments, celebrations and gloating a-plenty. But that kind of passion is what makes being a sports fan so fan, so give it a kickstart.

Have a party

If you can’t get tickets to the game, then make as much of a fuss about it in the comfort of your own home. Get all the guys and gals together, even those who aren’t as into baseball. Opening Day gives you a reason to celebrate. Make the celebration all the more authentic by putting together some themed party accessories. Relive the glory of the hot dog stand by getting your own set up. Make your own cracker jacks. If it becomes a big annual celebration for you and your pals, then immortalize it with some photo booth prop shenanigans. You never know, it might become the kind of celebration you become locally famous for.

There are plenty of ways to join in the celebrations of the return of the US’s real national sport. Watch the International Opening Games, wear the oldest team hat you have, and watch the Presidential First Pitch. If you want to get all the feel-goods, you can be sure that the media and social media will have lots of great baseball content to delve into.

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