Three Pieces Of Sporting Tech That Will Make You A Better Player

There isn’t a single part of modern life that technology hasn’t found it’s way into. It’s changed the way we cook, the way we get around, even the way we talk to each other. If that’s the case, then it only makes sense that it’s found its way into the world of sports. Of course, we’re still a bit of a distance of bionic legs that allow you to kick a ball the length of the field in a single strike, but there are some amazing ways that technology is helping people get better at their favorite sports. If you feel like you might need a little bit of a helping hand from time to time, here are some remarkable pieces of sporting tech that will help you up your game for good!

Smart Trainers

One of the most frustrating things about working out is that it’s pretty hard to know whether or not you’re doing things properly and what kind of effect that you’re having. What if your form is bad and you’re not actually getting anything out of the workout at all? Or worse, what if you’re actually doing damage to yourself? Well with the Moov and other smart training devices you’re able to monitor exactly what you’re doing incredibly easily. It even syncs up to your smartphone allowing it to record your progress and even give you tips and encouragement on how you can improve. Thanks to tech like this, all of us essentially have the opportunity to have a personal trainer in our pockets every single time we work out.

Golf GPS

Golf is one of those sports that a lot of people seem to think is far simpler than it actually is. It might not seem like the most taxing sport, but it actually requires a huge amount of effort both physically and mentally. It’s all about knowing exactly where you should be aiming, how to compensate for the weather and being aware of your distance from the hole. This is where golf GPS technology comes in. With it, you no longer have to rely on guesswork to figure out those kinds of things. Golf GPS devices give you an exact reading of how far the hole is, the wind direction, and just about any other information that you need. That way you’re able to tailor your swing perfectly to make sure you’re always hitting the ball right on target.

LZR Racer

With possibly the coolest name of any piece of sports tech in existence, the LZR Racer is a line of competitive swimwear from Speedy. Used by the majority of swimmers in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, this amazing swimsuit works by compressing your body to increase how aerodynamic you are, as well as trapping air inside in order to increase your buoyancy. It was so effective it became pretty much expected that you simply couldn’t compete without out in on an Olympic level. It’s the perfect way to help you improve your times in the pool as well as greatly reducing the drag and effort needed while you’re swimming.


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