Must-Have Accessories for Every Skater

Written by: Martin William

I often liken a skateboard with no accessories to ice cream without toppings. Although they can both serve their essential intended purposes, they’d be much, much better with the add-ons included. In this article, we’re looking at five must-have accessories for any skater who’s concerned about comfort, safety, and style.

  1. Skateboard Deck Protector

Whether you are a regular fast skater or a newbie who’s still having balance issues, a skateboard deck protector is one accessory you cannot afford not to have. 

You will inevitably lose balance or hit a curb at one point — it happens to the best of skaters. And when that happens, you’ll need something to prevent your skateboard’s deck from cracking, breaking, or chipping. Without a skateboard protector in place, such an incident might just be the end of your deck.

In most cases, a spoiled deck will force you into buying a new skateboard. Why frequent a skateboard shop for every meager accident when you can instead prolong your deck’s life using a protector? Get yourself a rubber/plastic nose guard or tail guard and keep your deck in top shape longer.

  1. Skateboard Wheels

Image via Flickr by UnknownNet Photography

Although often taken for granted, the process of selecting skateboard wheels can significantly influence your skating experience. The set of wheels you settle on speaks a lot about your sense of style and determines your skateboard’s performance.

Skateboard wheels perform differently on various surfaces depending on their diameters and degree of hardness. Are you a slow skater or the speedy type who doesn’t shy away from trying out new tricks?

Large and soft wheels are suitable for sidewalks or asphalt roads. They allow you to ride either fast or slow with very minimal vibration on the deck. Smaller and typically harder wheels are more suitable for speedy skaters. They accelerate faster and give a better feel for the board.

  1. Skate Stickers

What regular skater goes with no stickers on their boards? Even with the best skateboard design, you still need stickers to style up and add uniqueness to your boards.

As you know, stickers vary in shape, color, and style. While they may be included as a bonus in other accessories such as blazers, the best option is to grab your preferred ones from a local skateboard shop.

  1. Board Blazers

Board blazers produce an underflow effect that adds style and individuality to your board. Board blazers also help prevent accidents by announcing your presence to other road users, especially at night.

The best part is that they are safe even while you’re doing tricks. You can leave them attached to your board while doing rail grinds, rock, and rolls without worrying that they’ll spoil.

  1. Skateboard Helmet

Although very rare, skateboard accidents can be pretty dangerous, especially when they involve head injuries. That’s why a skateboard helmet is essential, both as an accessory and as protective equipment.

You can customize your helmet’s look by adding stickers. A popular trend, especially among kids, is adding stick-on mohawks to give the helmet a unique look.

While most skateboard accessories are meant to make your boards look all decked up, others are primarily for safety purposes. To keep yourself safe from injuries as you skate, visit our skateboard shop to get all these essential items. 

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