The Best Sports Tech Ideas to Invest in Now

The tech system worldwide is gradually emerging, calling for entrepreneurs and companies to rethink their strategies. In the recent past, there have been many companies specializing in different areas, including big data, artificial intelligence, content creation, gaming, fantasy sports, and so on. 

These investments have led to fast growth in the tech sector in the sports industry, giving it a new phase. Currently, several sports tech ideas can be considered, as revealed in this post. 

Misapplied sciences

Misapplied sciences were discovered by some engineers from Walt Disney and Microsoft. Even if it sounds like fiction, it is essentially technology reality and is considered one of the discoveries representing the future of sports tech.

This technology focuses on the use of pixels to project a massive number of rays of light in different brightness and colors simultaneously. As such, so many viewers can access the display simultaneously to see what is going on. 

Misapplied sciences has been showcased in consumer electronics shows and is expected to be shown at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport as well. This startup technology that is based in Washington has a significant application in the entertainment and sports industries. 

Zone 7

NinjaEssays is a leading tech writing service. According to this essay serviceZone 7, which is in the athletic performance sector, obtains support from Jordi Cruyff and Kristaps Porzingis. It uses artificial intelligence to identify the patterns of data that may lead to peak performance. It compares loads of stress with past data to allow coaches to develop personalized training plans to minimize the risk of injuries among the athletes.

The technology, therefore, improves performance and increases the participants’ availability. The clients here include Major League Soccer and Serie teams, but the customer base is set to increase in due course. The long-term goal is to enter recreational sports. As such, it is suitable for fans who desire to try a new sport and evaluate their performance.  

Realife Tech

Formerly LiveStyled, Realife tech started being applied in events and music festivals before heading to stadiums and sports. Realife Tech is based in London and it is relevant in the data analytics sector. 

It offers a platform that develops data support to allow the teams and owners of venues to compare various data sources, personalize content and identify opportunities to increase revenues. The case study of Realife constitutes AEG Europe together with the major arenas like the Premier League club and the 02.

After participating in the Stadia Ventures cohort, the focus is now on the United States. Deals with Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Los Angeles Galaxy have already been signed. The platform of Realife Tech consolidates data from ticketing systems, apps, Point-of-sale, Wi-Fi, and digital advertising for customer viewership. 

Season Share

Season Share, a USA-based technology firm, seeks its application in the ticketing sector. It lets sports fans come together and share a season ticket purchase and also allocate game activities to purchasers.

This technology is economical for fans and it is a true reflection of the power of sharing. San Francisco 49ers is one of the main clients in this company. The investment division of this company has fully supported the venture together with the National Basketball Association and the San Antonio Spurs.

Season Share provides a solution that is flexible by helping teams to improve ticket sales. Seasons Share implements a Flexible Spending Account technology (FSA) to let fans manage their event resources towards new experiences, merchandise, and future events. 

Season Share technology is linked to Ticketmaster and is suitable for socially distanced sitting arrangements that are adopted today. It also ensures the integrity of the pod in the venue and is one of the best technologies that ensure safe ticketing in sporting events. 


StreamLayer focuses on the consumption of mobile video that many fans are interested in today. Through this technology, the OOT operators and content owners can offer mobile device interactivity despite the limited size of the screens. StreamLayer technology ensures that fans have an exceptional video experience. 

This company has put efforts into UX capabilities with a further emphasis on creating a desirable user experience. It has a backup from the KB partners who provided the venture capital for the startup. 

StreamLayer has a dynamic engagement segment with the potential to use videos. As such, the audiences can get additional methods of collaboration to watch sports events jointly. The technology also supports betting odds for sports activities, polls, mini-games, Twitter streams, and so on. 


Spalk is yet another technology playing a role in the content and media sector. It is supported by Stadia Ventures and Greg Norman Company in terms of resource allocation and support. 

Through Spalk, the content owners can offer different event streams and the corresponding commentary on live games. Commentators can manage events and games from their devices from any location. This eliminates travel costs and does not compromise the quality of the broadcast. 

The needs of the sports fans are met, especially during this time when people are encouraged to keep social distance and avoid large gatherings. Spark helps sports organizations to use OTT to deliver content and [personalize outcomes while cutting costs. 

Pumpjack Dataworks

Pumpjack Dataworks is applicable in the data analytics sector. The holders of sports rights have recognized that the data about sports fans is powerful and valuable. They have incorporated large volumes of data, CRM systems, and data warehouses to get valuable insights from the data.

The data analytics of this technology is the basis of data infrastructure that can allow venue operators and teams to extract important data. The participants can identify the people who were using apps on their devices during the game. 

Pumpjack hosts data connectors to plug into mobile applications and websites to allow fans to connect data into a single place. By connecting mobile behavior with the web, the players in the sports industry can understand the fans’ activities and interests. They can also learn from content engagement and fun navigation, including transactional activities and ticket purchases. 

Satisfi Labs

Satisfi Labs is in the data analytics category and can turn sports-related information into knowledge bases powered by AI. The tourist attractions and venues address people’s questions using conversational AI. 

The company captures data according to the specific questions raised by the visitors. Through the insights, an in-depth look can be allowed to identify what the visitors are interested in. Satisfi collaborates with different franchises in major leagues and will soon be getting to Europe. The key investors include MLB, Google, and Stadia Ventures. 

Voice technology and Google Assistant have been integrated into the platform to enhance the user experience. Voice is used with knowledge management functionalities to allow guests to respond to questions faster, smarter, and in a more personalized way.


With the changing dynamics of the tech industry, the sports sector should not be left behind. The tech ideas that are suitable today can allow various players and fans to continue enjoying the sports activities whether they are at the sports venue or not. Different sports sectors adopt different technologies but the benefits are numerous, especially in today’s world. 

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