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Snowfall FX Premiere in Dallas Featuring Cast of Snowfall + More

By : Simone Janae

On last Thursday, July 12th I had the pleasure of attending the season two premiere of John Singleton’s and FX’s Snowfall. This was a sneak peak of the season two episode one. Let me just say…… It’s a must see.

For those who haven’t seen Snowfall, you are sleep. Snowfall is about a young teenager by the name of Franklin Saint. Franklin is a struggling student from the Los Angeles who has turned to the life of “Hustling”. Meanwhile the plot deals with the 80’s “Cocaine Epidemic”. Between Franklin, The CIA, and a whole string of others, makes the plot, interesting, and jaw dropping.

The screening was also included a Q&A with  the executive producers, and two of the cast member. Damson Idris who plays Franklin saint, was more than amazing. And did you know he has an accent? He walks in and speaks in this British accent, and the lady behind me says “Oh my gosh Lord not Britishhhh”.  I could barely contain myself.

We also spoke with Dallas native Carter Hudson who plays CIA Agent Teddy McDonald.   During the question and answers portion, Carter’s father gave us all the interesting details of Carter’s early career and his involvement in film. It was so heart-warming. I also was able to speak with one of the,executive producers Dave Andron. Dave Andron was a very charming individual who offered a lot of the audience some advice on getting into film. It was an awesome experience getting to know the cast and producer personally.

Snowfall cast gave us a few things to look out for in the new season. So you know I had to share these secrets with you.  Teddy may be having a serious break down and lose all consciousness of what “good” is. Franklin mayyyyyybeee will find love this season. But you didn’t hear it from me. Stay tuned! Snowfall Season 2 premieres on July 19th.

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