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Using The Power of Social Media to Promote Your Movie

Written by: Andrew Thompson

Do you want to promote and market your short film or upcoming movie? If yes, then there’s no better place than the social media. Instagram is the obvious choice for moviemakers who want to increase online visibility, reach out to viewers, and enhance their online presence. Instagram is a useful medium to market your ad film, movies, and other videos. You need to make relevant content and use smart guidelines to gain more awareness.

Why should you buy followers on Instagram?

Are you thinking, how to start with your Instagram movie promotion? You can start by buying more followers. Today, there are services providers that can help you gain more followers, depending on your need. It’s a smart call to gradually increase the follower count instead of purchasing a huge follower base. That won’t appear organic to the audience who are constantly scanning your profile. When you have a decent and increased follower count in your Instagram profile, it encourages other online viewers to follow you. That’s favorable for your movie promotion.

Other useful guidelines to promote your movie

So, when your followers on Instagram, you get a specific mileage. To take this forward and promote your movie, you need to opt-in for other strategies.

  1. Make use of Hashtags in your video posts

Movie promotions on Instagram are not possible without making video posts. When use hashtags, you can draw in more followers and have increased likes. It can also maximize your visibility and enhance potential customer engagement. And all these help you generate more followers who are interested in seeing the movie trailer or the video promotion post. Other than Instagram Stories and image posts, use the hashtags for video posts and movie trailers too.

But make sure that you select the correct passwords. That would make your video reach out to the right audience segment. For instance, if your short film is for the youth, and you’ve addressed topics like loneliness, depression, and friendship, use appropriate hashtags that resonate with the movie name and theme. Since it’s a movie trailer, you possibly can’t add locations. But you can always mention the platforms on which the audience can watch the movie. That will help to increase your customer base and also more view rates.

  1. Make a post during peak times

One of the best tips for marketers is to be there at the right time for the right deal! The same principle applies here in fraction. You should be there online at the right time to promote your movie. The peak times will vary based on the location, industry, and target audience. Usually, millennials will be your biggest target customer for the short film. While most of them check their Instagram feeds throughout the day, there are a few peak hours. The weekend the morning hours between 8:00 and to 10:00 am is a good time. And on other days anytime between 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm and later in the wee hours is a good time.

To ensure guaranteed views, you can mention the launch of the trailer on a given date. That would make your audience curious, and they would be checking Instagram all through the day, to watch your trailer.

  1. Check Instagram metrics

You need to look at the Instagram engagement metrics to check the time and the days that are ideal for engaging with your audience. For millennials, the best time is sometime during the day or late at night. Similarly, if your movie is meant for working professionals, the evening is an excellent time to engage. Here you can share interesting posts and also opt-in for an Instagram live.

  1. Get behind the scenes

Your followers and target audience want a personal connection with your film and the actors as well. Millennials today depend on the “getting to an actor” process, before the release to create an opinion about him or her. And that fuels his/her desire to watch the movie. Marketers can make the most of this psychology and can post behind the scene moments, where at times, the actors might get caught unaware. It will add the required human element to the post, and your audience will love this connection.

  1. You should repost the videos

You need to make fresh videos about your content and movie updates. However, don’t get afraid to repurpose and recycle the content. You can take similar scenes and add another perspective of the film that you didn’t in the previous post and share it on Instagram. For instance, you can make a video post about how to dress like the lead character of the movie. You can shoot the styling video and share it in crisp snippets that will retain the audience’s attention. You can repost videos and share multiple aspects of the movie. And you will find that your follower count increases with every passing day. And it will also encourage the followers to share your videos as well.

These are some of the interesting movie promotion tactics on Instagram. You can weigh and assess and opt-in for the one you need most and wait for your profile and movie gain more prominence.


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