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#TheSitDown with Cyn Santana:

Treasure Chest Virgin Hair’s Beauty Brunch was nothing short of amazing. In the midst of the beautiful rooftop view and the positive energy amongst the crowd of women, Cyn Santana made a guest appearance and allowed me ask her a few questions about her new clothing line, as well as a few tips for entrepreneurs.

Jamisha Daniels: You just launched your new clothing line. What inspired you to get into the fashion industry?

Cyn : Well, I attending a fashion high school, I studied business and marketing. Fashion in general was something I could relate to because I love fashion. There were a couple of things I would envision while in class like, ‘OH, that would look good on a plus sized woman or on a smaller girl’. So I started off  drawing but I don’t really draw instead  I  would do the little stick figure things. But then I would take it to someone and they would bring it to life. That’s kind of how it started. The name of the clothing line is Nu, which means Nude in French. Nude is my favorite color, I always wear it on my nail, on my lips, with my outfits, whatever. I think it’s so classy and I think it defines confidence, you know?

Jamisha Daniels: What are some tips you could give some entrepreneurs as they start their new business ventures?

Cyn: That’s a great question. Number one, you have to be very optimistic because this is a cut-throat, whatever you do whether it’s hair, clothing, opening a nail salon, whatever it is it’s going to be cut- throat.  You’re serving people and people are mean, people are cruel, and they are always out to discourage you, don’t let them discourage you. Another thing, you are not only investing money, you are investing time, you are investing energy, you have to be passionate about what you are doing. If you don’t have passion then don’t even do it because it’s a waste of time. Number three, you need to trust people because can not do this on your own; there’s no way in hell. I tried to so I could feel better about myself like, ‘ I did this on my own and I can do the shipping’,  girl… I shipped out like 20 things and I was going crazy; I couldn’t do it. It’s just so much to do and a lot to do in a business, so you need to have a team that you can trust with your eyes closed, that you can wake up late and you’re not saying ‘Oh my God’ because someone will already have it taken care of.

Jamisha Daniels:  What are some tips to keep people motivated throughout their journey? How do you stay encouraged?

Cyn: Like I said, if you’re passionate, you have to remind yourself why you started this. What is the purpose and the ultimate goal besides generating money? Of course we all want to live well and support our families but remember why you started this and, ‘what is the goal?’

Jamisha Daniels: What is the most memorable and defining moment your journey?

Cyn : Definitely had to be my launch during New York Fashion Week. That was so big.  I want to give a special thank you to Rhonda, Melissa, my manager and those who helped me with that. It goes back to having a team, if it wasn’t for them that launch would not have happened. The atmosphere was amazing, and there was nothing but positivity. Seeing all of that come together knowing that it started from zero was amazing.

Jamisha Daniels: Who is one person that you would love to see in your line?

Cyn: I really love Kim’ s [Kardashian], although sometimes it may get repetitive, I love the whole two-piece

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