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Podcast of the Week : Be a Lion with One|Mo|Minute

Be A Lion:

A lion is known for being a skilled hunter, royalty amongst men and the leader of the pride. Lions are fearless, revered and confident. Their power rests in knowing who they are and leading the top of the food chain.

Like a lion, a person who knows who they are and utilizes their power is unstoppable and unshakeable. They are a beast at accomplishing goals and overcoming adversity. They get back on when they fall off. They don’t buy into other people’s opinions of them. They make a way out of no way. They aren’t defined by defeat. They create, manifest and institute a better vision.

Listen to my latest podcast “Be A Lion” to kick-off my weekly series #MoMitchMondays for a little motivation to get your week started. It’s time for me to “Give You a Little Mo’.” I’m back by popular demand!


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