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10 Jobs Artificial Intelligence Will Probably Replace Soon

By: Chloe Bennet 

It seems that in today’s world, we are fascinated by the possibilities of AI technology. We write about it, we watch films about it, we try and guess where it will lead us and how it will develop. We seem wary of it and captivated by it in equal measures, with some people warning that it could be the beginning of the end, and others believing it will vastly improve the quality of human life in just a few short years. Depending on the sector you work in, you might be dreading the encroachment of clever computers, or really looking forward to seeing automation take over. Whichever it is, here are some of the jobs which are most likely to go to AI in the future.


1) Farmers

This might seem surprising, but robotic farming is already underway in places like Japan, where they have managed to get at least one farm entirely run by robotics – and it’s successful, too.


2) Doctors

This is one we’ve all seen in the movies. A hospital entirely staffed by infallible robots, often wearing aprons or hats as a nod to their human counterparts. It seems a tempting idea, as robots might be able to do so much more to look after the sick, but it’s also one which is becoming closer to reality, with specialized robotic surgeons being able to perform specific tasks.


3) Telemarketers

You probably aren’t surprised by this idea, since many of us have already experienced those irritating robotic telemarketing calls. They might be no less frustrating, but at least you can put the phone down without feeling bad for the person on the other end of the line. Those in the telemarketing industry might feel relieved if this often unpleasant job got passed over to robots.


4) Couriers

With self-driving cars coming closer and closer to being reality, it doesn’t seem far-fetched that we might automate our delivery services, especially as big companies are already working with drones to make deliveries faster and more reliable than ever.


5) Bookkeepers

Automating bookkeepers is already happening, and while you might still pass more complicated tasks on to a trained specialist in this field, AI technology is making it vastly cheaper for somebody to do their numbers. They are also far less likely to make errors if programmed correctly, so this is both economical and more reliable for customers.


6) Security

Another ideal one to automate, as a robot is less fragile than a human, potentially more repairable, and security guards can get a very raw deal. It’s also likely that automating security could de-escalate certain situations, as there would be no sense in arguing with a machine, and also no ego in it. “In terms of guarding valuables, the technology is likely to far outstrip human capabilities, with infrared sensors and fast-improving scanners that would allow them to detect intrusions so much more effectively,” says Wendi M. Hernandez, a tech writer at Assignment Service and Paper Fellows.


7) Public Transport

Public transport routes are obviously ripe for automation, as they run to specific roads and schedules, so an AI would be perfectly capable of taking over for a human. As we come closer and closer to fully autonomous cars, these are going to become much more likely to replace our bus and taxi drivers.


8) Workers in Factories

Factories have been working on automating their processes for years, so this is unsurprising – they are just getting closer and closer to full automation as time goes on. “Machines are cheaper and more reliable, so the more factories can automate their production lines, the more cheaply they can sell their goods,” explains John B. Rowan, an editor at State Of Writing and UKWritings.


9) Proofreaders

Again, this is one that has already been started on with spellcheck, and with apps which look for grammar mistakes, but it is another that is constantly being improved upon by technological advances.


10) Receptionists

Many of the tasks done by receptionists can be automated, so while some people might prefer the human touch, we’re likely to see more and more robotic receptionists in the future.


Whether you feel the world of robots will doom us or free us to a life of luxury, it’s important to accept the reality that things are changing and technology is progressing faster than ever before. How the world will shape up is anybody’s guess, but humans are adaptable and will survive.

Working as a content editor at Essayroo and Top assignment writing services in Western Australia, Chloe Bennet is responsible for providing fresh content and reviewing latest news. Also, Chloe teaches academic writing at Boom Essays service.

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