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4 Ways In Which Smart Technology Trends Change Our Lives

By : Joshua Rowley

Twenty years ago, people did not carry palmtop computers at all times – they had mobile phones whose only purpose was making calls and sending texts. Back then there were no smart technologies available. Today, they are omnipresent.


Without a doubt, not all technologies available today are useful. Yet, a great number of them is. In fact, some technologies that surround us have been so useful to us that they have began to effectively change our lives. Below, we will discuss some technologies which are likely to change our lives in the near future.


1. Smart Homes


Without a doubt, you already possess various smart household items. But that does not make your home smart. Incidentally, smart lighting and even smart heating systems, albeit useful, do not make your phone smart. They simply shift the control points – from a wall panel to the screen of your mobile. Then what is a smart home?


A smart home is an abode that understands its owner’s everyday activities. What is more, it can perform at least some of those activities, and thus ease its owner’s life. Imagine putting your dirty clothes in a washing machine that recognises them and is able to choose the right programme. Before long, your dishwasher will know when it is full and will be able to turn on by itself. Obviously, such technologies have the potential to considerably change our lives, and that is why they are worth mentioning.


According to analysts, smart homes can greatly reduce energy costs. If people are able to turn their home appliances on and off via the internet, they could utilise solar or wind power and substantially reduce their energy bills.


2. Enhanced Casino Experience


Smart technology will not only make our lives easier, it will influence the way we have fun, too. You might already know how popular VR and AR technology has become in video gaming. Soon, they will be introduced in casino gaming sites like Mobile Casino Hub as well. At present, various casino operators work on the development of casino tehnology, featuring one or both Realities. Once VR and AR casinos are launched, players will be able to enjoy spinning roulette wheels, pulling slot machine handles, etc. from the comfort of their home.


What makes VR so popular is that the technology merges video gaming with gambling. On the other hand, AR offers enhancement of the overall casino experience by making it more personalised and emotional.

3. Robot Assistants


Now, it is important to note that we do not talk about robots answering the door. Even though such robots might exist in the near future, they will not change our lives, as they will be essentially useless. Surely, you might think it is useful to have a robot answer the door, and yet this is not the type of technology that can change your live. In order to change our lives, technologies must be practical.


A type of technological device that has the potential to change our live completely is the robot assistant. Such robots could be implemented in various spheres, usually where there is a shortage of staff. For example, robot receptionists could be placed in hotels, and care robots can be placed in care homes for the elderly.  


Robot assistants are equipped with AI, which includes voice and face recognition. Thus, they are able to interact with and identify hotel guests, guiding them to their room, or admit visitors to care homes.


4. Smart Hospitals


Nowadays, everyone depends on their smart devices to obtain information. And we are okay with it. But will you let an AI doctor diagnose you at a hospital?


Babylon Health is a private company which currently carries out a project in five London boroughs, encouraging people to consult with a chatbot over the phone. To train the AI doctors, Babylon Health employees used massive amounts of data gathered from previous patients. Thus, the chatbot is able to advise people to either go to the ED of a hospital, go to a pharmacy, or rest for a couple of days.


Babylon Health admits the software is far from perfect, but maintains they are constantly working to improve it. In the near future, the company hopes to launch a system which has the potential to outperform doctors in making medical diagnoses.


Such software will completely change the way we view medicine. It will be especially helpful in countries where there is a shortage in medical personnel, as doctors will be able to focus on treating patients and not spend too much time on making diagnoses.

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