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Sportsofficials a New Platform that Connects Refs to Games

SportOfficials is a software platform that aims to connects referees to the sporting events that need them. Nearly every sport needs a third party to monitor the game and keep the rules fair.

The objective for us is to bridge that gap in recreation leagues, assignors, intramurals, youth leagues, churches and corporations, and any other entity that may need to hire officials.

Since officials are considered independent contractors, they have no set schedules or set way to be paid. SportOfficials allows the organizers to post the games they have available, the amount they will pay, and the number of officials they need.

Officials can then login and apply to those postings to work the games. SportOfficials will then facilitate the payment transaction. Because referees tend to be older and league organizers are extremely busy, we sought out to make the platform as simple as possible. It is as easy as new events, manage calendar, and process payments.

Co-Founder & CEO – Adam Payne

Adam is a master’s graduate from Long Beach State University (Go Beach!) with a degree in Sports Management and a finance undergrad from University of North Texas (Go Mean Green). He worked as a referee and at software company in Dallas before moving out to California. While looking for work, he conceived the idea for the platform and connected with his Co-Founder.

Co-Founder & CTO – Daniel Moore

Daniel is an IT manager for a healthcare company after also graduating from the University of North Texas (Go Mean Green) with a degree in Business Computer Science. He has a background in various software engineering pieces and has been instrumental in building the app from the ground up.

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