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700 Amazon Alexa Applications Set To Launch in 4 Days

Alexa, will this be the CES show where your dominance is established in voice computing?

Shawn DuBravac, the chief economist for the Consumer Technology Association, thinks it very well could be.

Speaking to journalists Tuesday at the giant conference here, DuBravac predicted a huge surge in announcements around’s blockbuster digital assistant.

You can already ask Alexa to read your Fitbit results, or request an Uber. But at the 2017 CES, expect even more.

“You will see that list grow,” said DuBravac. “I would not be surprised if that list grew 50 percent over the next four days. There’s about … 1,500 different applications that you can do with Amazon Alexa. I would not be surprised to see 700 launch over the next four days.”

Those announcements have already started, with PC maker Lenovo and Dish Network already announcing Alexa-powered and supported devices at the show.

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