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8 technologies Volvo Will Use to Make ‘Death Proof’ Cars by 2020

Volvo has big plans to make its cars fatality-free by 2020.

In 2007, the company announced its vision of using technology to eliminate deaths and reduce injuries in its vehicles. Since then, Volvo has continued to roll out new safety features, updating systems as new technology becomes available. By 2020, Volvo aims to bring these technologies together to make a commercial vehicle with advanced autonomy.

Sensors on the car will also help detect if a person is near and will issue a warning if you are too close. If there’s no time for a warning, the car will automatically brake to avoid a collision with the pedestrian.

There’s even a large animal-detection feature that helps ensure that you never hit an animal while on the road.The car will slow down and brake if its camera and radar sensors detect that the driver is coming too close to a large animal.

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