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Are Your Tech Gadgets A Fire Hazard?

We have all run our laptops for a few more hours than was smart or used them on a surface that wasn’t raised. If you have, you’ll know that they can get pretty hot – and sound like they are about to take off. It happens even more commonly with older models. 

But it’s not just your dusty old laptop that can be a fire hazard. Some of the most common electrical and tech devices are the biggest culprits of people needing to cash in on an insurance claim. Remember this link, though, if you end up in a stalemate with your insurance company over a fire claim


Ah, the hours spent in a raid, dungeon, or camping the graveyard on your favorite games. Or perhaps you use a desktop for reading, work, and other things. Desktops work hard, and you will usually require a few different power outlets. The more screens you add, the higher the count will become. 

Chargers that are overloaded – or with added extensions and blocks are more likely to cause a fire. And, while a lower price might tempt you, non-branded chargers or importance are even more likely to be a fire hazard. 


Although we covered laptops a little, they are one of the biggest culprits for causing fires. Sometimes it is due to misuse, and other times, it is expected to be faults in the device. A malfunctioning lithium-ion battery can cause sparks to fly or for the laptop to turn into a mini inferno. 

HP had to recall hundreds of thousands of laptops once it was found that they were at risk of catching fire. 

You can also prevent your laptop from becoming too heated with these tips: 

  • Clean the fans, vents, and connection ports – compressed air or a specially designed cleaning putty can help with this
  • Check all cables are free from tears, or minor damages
  • Check your systems fan settings
  • Keep your laptop elevated, so there is air running under and around it
  • Keep the room that you work in cooler than average
  • Don’t rest laptops on materials surfaces, like a bed or a sofa, for example

Unofficial chargers

Sometimes buying branded chargers can set you back a pretty penny, but to use non-branded unofficial ones is a risk you might not want to take. 

Sometimes the manufacturers of the unofficial cables don’t need to go through the rigorous testing that the official ones do. They might also cause the device they are plugged into to overheat too. 

Always choose brands that you know or come with a certification that complies with the electronic safety standards. 

Graphics Cards

Anything within the body of your desktop is going to be working extra hard for hours a day. The cooling unit and the graphics card are subject to a lot of work, and there have been instances where high-end (costly) graphics cards have caught fire. The EVGA’s GeForce GTX 1080 and the GTX 1070 were aimed at overclockers and gamers. 

Unfortunately, the manufacturers forgot to account for the amount of cooling the cards would need, which caused incredible overheating – and fires. 

So, before you turn on your laptop or upgrade your graphics card – ask yourself are taking all the suitable precautions to keep it cool? 

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