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Artificial Intelligence is a Problem or an Opportunity in Future?

Written by: John Peterson

The concept of Artificial Intelligence (AI) may seem like something out of science fiction movies, yet it is real, and it is here. Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, and self-driving cars are just some examples of AI being implemented in the real world. 

AI will be used in the industries of the future as it slowly becomes the norm. The system is not perfect, and questions have been raised about the prevalence of AI in society. AI brings with it both benefits and drawbacks. 

AI can lead the way for a safer, better, and more productive workplace

The implementation of AI in the workplace can lead it to become safer and more productive. It is estimated that AI technology can increase business productivity by up to 40%. AI robots and machines can be used to handle the more mundane and repetitive tasks. 

Experts from dissertation services state that robots can also be used in dangerous situations and jobs like search and rescue to minimize the risk of the loss of human life. AI can enhance the work, which will lead to a better and more productive workplace, such as with assembly lines increasing in production output and quality.

Job loss and new opportunities

As per reports on thesis writing service site, 16% of American jobs will be replaced by AI and machines. That will mean millions of people will lose their jobs and will be displaced permanently. This problem can get even more serious if these people are not given the proper training for new jobs in an AI-based society. 

As AI slowly becomes the norm, workers who do traditional jobs and skills could lose their jobs if they become automated. Even if some workers retain their jobs, working side-by-side with machines can be a safety hazard if the machines were to malfunction. A growing inequality could rise from this of less-educated workers losing out to machines and robots. 

Same time, skilled people will be in high-demand and technical background will help secure new positions in the industry. This will lead to an upgradation of education system and will ensure higher quality of skills and knowledge in students. Overall, there will be a shift in the job market but it will have its own good side.

AI can breed innovation

As mentioned on AssignmentHolic, a great thing about AI is that it can compute a large amount of data in a short amount of time. It can handle complex task way faster than what humans normally can. All of this can lead to breakthroughs in innovation. Voiced controlled AI has made it easier for so many people to get access to information in seconds. 

New products could be developed with AI – products that are better, cheaper, environmentally friendly, and longer-lasting. New job positions can also open such as data scientists, robot monitoring professionals, and automation specialists. AI can also be used in businesses to search for new opportunities and untapped potential. 

Privacy protection can be at risk with AI

Ethical and moral questions have been raised about the widespread use of AI. There is potential for AI to be abused and hack a person’s privacy and data protection. Facial recognition software can be used to identify anyone in any part of the world. 

Abuse of AI can lead to a world where no one can remain anonymous anymore and anyone’s data can be shared for the world to see. Personal freedoms can be affected as AI can be used to track and profile individuals for whatever reason. 

AI can make the world a safer place

In the right hands, AI can be used to make the world a safer place. Leaving AI in-charge of more complex tasks can lessen the risk of human error. It can be used as a safeguard for the inefficiencies of the human mind. AI can also be programmed into cars and other transportation systems to make them safer and more efficient. 

AI could also protect people by aiding in crime prevention and the criminal justice system. Future AI could be developed that is so advanced that it can predict when a crime will happen before it happens. 

There can be an inherent bias in the system

We are not yet in a world where AI can think and consistently upgrade itself. As of now, AI is only as good as who builds it and what data it is given. With that being said, there can be an inherent bias in AI. If not programmed properly, AI could mistake an action for the wrong action. 

Already there have been issues raised about how AI has a higher chance to mistakenly identify a black man as a criminal compared to other people of skin color. The possibility of prejudice is there. If not developed properly, AI can be used for the wrong reasons. 


AI is undoubtedly an exciting technology. The potential and opportunity for it to do great things are near limitless. Yet, AI is not perfect, and more progress is required. While AI can bring positive change to many parts of society, it can also be used to its detriment and cause problems. As the technology behind AI develops further, it is important to understand the good and the bad when it comes to using it.


Author Bio:

John Peterson works as an academic writer for Dissertation Today and Dissertation help and as a journalist in London magazine “Shop&buy.” He has experience of four years and wants to reach a senior position in the industry in the next ten years. He is a professional mini-tennis player and he has written the novel “His heart.” You can find him on FB.


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