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Always On The Go? You Need These Apps!

For most of us, life is very busy. Between work, running a home, childcare, socializing and other commitments it can feel like we’re constantly go go go. To make sure things don’t turn chaotic and everything gets done, technology can be extremely useful. Here are some of the life changing apps you need on your phone if you’re a busy person!


Charge App

Is there anything worse than being out and about and seeing the dreaded ‘low battery’ notification? Thankfully there are more places than ever which offer charging stations, coffee shops and restaurants are common. This allows you to charge your phone while you grab a quick coffee or bite to eat. A charging app on your phone will quickly bring up places on a map which offer this service, so you can locate one nearby and pop in and power up your device.


List Apps

A to-do list is a busy person’s best friend. It prevents you from forgetting things and also allows you to plan your time more efficiently. When you see everything you need to do in list form, you can tackle the most important items first or do it in a way that makes sense time-wise. There are a ton of great to-do list apps available that are a bit more interactive than just the standard ‘notes’ app that comes already installed. Another type of list app that can be useful is grocery list apps, particularly ones which have different categories. This makes both building your list and following it around the store so much easier.


Diary App

Another type of app you can download that’s better than the version that comes with your phone is a diary. This is the busy person’s holy grail; you’ll need it to store appointments, meetings, special occasions and so much more. Never miss an important date again, find an app that works for you and add your appointments to it religiously. With so much going on, a diary reminder the day before can be a complete lifesaver.


Health Tracker Apps

Life might be busy, but it’s still important to pay attention to our health. Health tracker apps are useful for keeping tabs on your food and fitness with very little effort from you. Calorie trackers like My Fitness Pal, for example, allow you to simply scan the barcode of your food using your phone’s camera to calculate the calories. This can save time manually writing down or entering things. Fitness apps can calculate things like your steps and calories burned right through your phone. They give you all of the information you need without any hassle for you.


Discover Places App

Apps like Around Me are useful for people on the go. If you need a store, petrol station, cafe or anything else, it quickly brings up places nearby based on your location. This is so much quicker than trawling through yourself online. If you’re often in different locations, this is incredibly useful and can save you a lot of time.

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