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Novelty To Sporting Phenomenon – The Rise Of ESports

What, I don’t have to leave the house to play sports? Where do I sign?!’


Whereas in the past this was a throwaway comment, today it is a sign of the times. Yep, eSports are here, and they are here to stay. In 2016, the industry turns over millions of dollars, and that’s only expected to grow. Researchers at Newzoo even estimate the industry will reach the billion dollar mark by 2019. But, as more people turn to virtual reality instead of actual reality, it begs the question: why?


Because The Culture Supplier loves a riddle, we decided to try and figure it out and here’s what we found.


Virtual Reality Rules


The fact that gaming isn’t reality is one of the major pulls of the industry. Far too many people have had to suffer nasty comments about their sporting talent. And, in a society that puts athleticism over anything else, it’s a hard pill to swallow. Well, the eSport gamers don’t have to listen any longer because they can be as good as anyone else. In fact, in their backyard, they are the best. Think of it like a rebellion where the disenfranchised decided to change the way people play sports. And, like all successful revolts, it’s starting to gain traction.



Health and fitness are two huge parts of life for a lot of people, but not for every person. Annoyingly, some people don’t need to exercise to stay slim or don’t want to workout at all. So, instead of slogging around a soccer pitch for ninety minutes, they sit by their TV sets. It’s a lot easier physically than playing sports and it’s just as fun and enjoyable. For some, it’s more fun as the community and competition exist without the side-effects.


No Glass Ceiling


Sports require a small amount of latent skill to succeed. If a young boy or girl wants to be a baseball player, for instance, they hand hand-eye coordination. And, in the example of the young girl, that won’t be enough because men dominate sports. ESports don’t have the same restrictions as being good at a game takes time and practice. As long as a gamer has both, they can reach the very pinnacle of the sport. Oh, and the pinnacle is a massive event contended by thousands of people for a huge cash prize and watched by millions.

Basic Resources


Okay, so a PlayStation 4 and a 4k TV aren’t fundamental are everyone. However, they are readily available to the majority of people that play eSports. Indeed, plenty of individuals that don’t consider themselves gamers have all the resources to compete. And, if they don’t, they’re easy to find. If you are looking to purchase a new gaming monitor, you should check out this guide for example. Then, you can look for a used console that’s in good condition. Once the console connects to the TV, gamers can have hours of fun.


The conclusion: eSports are the antithesis to regular sports, and that’s why they are so popular.


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