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By: BluSatire

Whats good everybody.  I’ve decided to do something new with this blog.  I wanted to highlight some of the good news in gaming or even the bad news for those who want to get into it, those who are already gamers and for those who are casual gamers.  As many of you know, part of my nerd DNA, is heavily gaming influenced, so I want to share with you all every now and then what is hot in gaming and even share with you some classic gems you should pick up.

Why you waiting?

Gaming has gotten off to a great start this year, so there really should be no reason for you not to have something to play. In saying this, the first game on our why you waiting list actually came out last May. Overwatch had to make this list because it absolutely a game changer. Millions are playing yet many people are afraid to try something new. I’m here to tell you if you like your shooters, yet tired of the same old shooter and you want some interesting gameplay, this game is for you. There are people who stick to madden, 2k and call of duty calling this game great and that should tell you something.

Quick overview of what this game is, it is a 6 vs 6 shooter that is objective based. No character is the same, as you have to work together to win. While kill streaks and all that are cool, the main focus is being a team player to capture objectives, move payloads ad more. There are many features with new characters, maps, skins and game modes being released for free all the time. It is one of the main E-sports games and you will have fun with this stylish and unique shooter. PC, Xbox One, PS4

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