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The Road Warrior: Tech To Get You Traveling In Style

What ways are there to travel in style now? It seems there are more ways than ever before. As technology gets better and designers become more adept at making our ways of getting around a lot more smoother, and, more importantly, cooler, is there a definitive approach to traveling in style? Have a look at these items and see if you get inspired to ditch your pedal bike!

A Segway

About 10 years ago you would only see you this as either a favored transport method of the rich all of Professor Charles Xavier! Although you don’t need to have the X-Men in tow nowadays as the trusty Segway has many affordable models. The Segway has two wheels and very simple controls, all you have to do is put your feet on the platform and speed around! The downsides to this are speed; you won’t be doing any drag racing with this! But it’s a great way to travel around in short distances. not only that, but if you finally wanted to achieve the lifelong dream of looking like Johnny Five, then this is it!


The Hoverboard

Back To The Future 2 got something right! Well, kind of. The set-up of a hoverboard isn’t too dissimilar from the Segway. It is a bit more of a compact version. It has similarities in terms of speed and it also has two wheels (sorry, it doesn’t float!). Depending on your balance, you may want to think twice about purchasing an item like this as there is nothing for you to rest on. It also does not have any controls. That being said, the hoverboard does work to self-balance itself when you stand on it. Also, although it does not offer in a technical sense, it is as close to hovering as you can get.  If this is something that does catch you fancy, you can have a search online at the Electric Rider for an idea of styles and types.


Mobility Scooters

Really? Yes really. The mobility scooter is a little treasure trove of delight, and if it is certainly good enough for your grandmother, it’s good enough for you. While speed is a questionable factor in these, there are actually ways to modify them to go faster.  It is definitely a quirky way to get around. But when it boils down to it, it’s a moving armchair, and who doesn’t like the idea of that?  And did I mention it’s got a basket?!


The Self Driving Car

Mobility scooters aside, technology is improving vastly all the time. This is the most prominent example of technology being applied to getting around in style. For some people, a self-driving car may remind them too closely of Carrie. But it is becoming a reality quicker than you think. Notable people are questioning the overall safety of these cars, but in a few years’ time they will be commonplace. For those that are not keen on driving, this will be the answer to their prayers. But it’s hard to argue against a machine that will get you from A to B without you needing to lift a finger!

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