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The New Way to Watch TV , Streaming Your Next TV Show

Technology has a habit of popping up in every aspect of our daily lives. With new gadgets designed every day, it can feel as though we’re living in a surreal science fiction. When even the most basic aspects of life involve technological understanding, it can get a little draining. Let’s take television for example. No longer can you flick through five channels. Even something as simple as sitting down to relax is full of technological possibility. On the plus side, there are now some fantastic new ways to watch programmes. All you need to do is work out which one is right for you.


We’ll start with Netflix because it’s a simple one. Netflix is a subscription service with a monthly fee. It offers you the chance to watch a variety of films and television series, which are changing all the time. Netflix is easy to get your head around. It’s got a simple layout and clearly defined categories. It also doesn’t offer any extra services, which helps to keep things simple. Netflix is accessible on computers and mobiles and is now included in some television boxes. If you’re a gamer, you’ll likely find a Netflix app tucked away inside your newer consoles as well. If you’re completely new to streaming, Netflix is probably the place to start.


Now we’re moving into more complex territory. With an Amazon Firestick, Amazon Prime members can access Amazon video on their television.  Amazon video, again, offers films and tv series galore. They also have the bonus of offering films and series to rent. This gives them the opportunity to provide much more up to date content. One thing you do need to be careful with is keeping an eye on those pricings. With free and paid things often appearing together, it can be easy to make an accidental purchase. Though confusing at first, the Amazon service is well worth getting to grips with. Once you know what you’re doing, there are some fantastic films available, all at the click of a button!

G box

The G box is slightly different, but is still worth a mention. A much newer technology, the G box allows you to access Amazon video, Netflix and many other streaming platforms. It also offers access to apps and gaming. One for the more seasoned technology buff, the G box is at the cutting edge of streaming.  With internet access and photo storage facilities, this is a computer in your television!

This is by no means an exhaustive list of the streaming services out there. Doing a little research will be a great help in deciding which service is right for you. It’s also worth asking around. Knowing what other people are using can be a real help in making up your mind. It’s also useful to know that you’ll have seasoned users you can turn to if things go wrong! Whatever you choose, let the world of streaming take your evenings to new heights of enjoyment.

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