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How to Use Your Smartphone to Manage Your Finances

Smartphones are great, aren’t they? Not only can they provide us with hours of entertainment, but they can also help us cook, take care of our children, monitor our house, remind us to water our plants, turn fitness into a game and even act as a TV remote!


With the almost endless amount of uses for a smartphone, it was only a matter of time until people started making finance apps that can help us understand our finances better. Keeping a balanced budget isn’t easy, but with a smartphone app (or several) it can become a breeze to handle and you’d be surprised at how much money you’ll save if you know where every penny you spend is going. Here are some great smartphone apps that can help you get your finances sorted.

Your Internet Browser


Sure, it’s not a separate smartphone app but it’s also not something you should just forget about. There are many Financial Planning Blogs around the internet that can give you advice on how to manage your budget. Many online resources such as guides and blogs contain valuable information on how to properly manage your money, and it would be wise to follow these guides and not rely on technology alone.


Managing money is a mentality that has to be nurtured, so take your time to learn all of the tips and tricks that the experts use and take control of your spending, then combine that with the following apps to make even bigger savings.




Mvelopes isn’t so much a personal assistant or advisor, but it is a great way to start taking your finances seriously. It will help change your way of thinking about money and assist you in setting up long-term goals on how you want to spend and manage your money. It starts by syncing with your bank accounts, but don’t worry, it takes security very seriously and you’ll need to use emails to confirm the sync. It works by merging with your bank so it can track all of your transactions and balances.


You can track your bills, manage a budget and plan for future purchases all in the comfort of a single app. You’ll get real-time updates on how your budget is looking because it syncs with your bank, and it makes the entire process easy with a slick and simple UI.


Pocket Expense


If you’re worried about your security, then perhaps an app that doesn’t sync with your bank account would be more fitting. Pocket Expense tracks your spending with manual input, so there’s no syncing involved and it’s completely separate to your bank accounts. You enter your savings and then enter whatever things you’ve bought throughout the day, and the app automatically calculates your savings for you.


It takes some time getting used to and you might be tempted to “cheat” by not entering something you bought, but it’s a fantastic app to get started with managing your money, and it might convince you to upgrade to other apps that actually sync with your bank account in the future so it’s easier to track all of your expenses.

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