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Every Stage of the Software Development Process You Should Know

There are a few important stages, six to be exact, that have to be worked through when software is being developed. If any of these stages are missed or ignored, then the software that comes out the other end might not be up to scratch. Any company that creates software has to be aware of these stages and find their own ways to make sure they’re covered. Read on to find out more about them.


Before anything else can be done, the project needs to be planned out properly. When this stage of the process is ignored, it becomes pretty much impossible to create great software. During the planning stage, you should set your aims, create an actionable plan and predict potential hazards. Getting this stage right is all about laying the right foundations for success. And it’s vital to ensure that those foundations are strong.


Every step of the way, the process needs to be analysed. So, when you start to put the software together, it has to be analysed and checked. This helps to highlight flaws and potential problems with the software. If things are not analysed continually and repeatedly, mistakes will be made, and they could be hard to remove the longer they are ignored. It’s important not to let it come to that.


Once the design phase of the process is underway, it’s all about constructing the architecture of the software. This will be the vital structure that everything else will be built around. It’s important to set a high standard and make sure that this is carried through the entire project. If the design of the software’s structure is weak, then the finished product probably will be as well.

Development and Implementation

This is when the software is actually developed properly. Code is written, data recording is carried out and changes are made along the way. This is when most of the hard work is done, and it’s usually not a fast process. The implementation side of things applies to the running and testing of the software as it is being developed. This is mainly done to ensure that the software is doing what it’s meant to.


Then comes the more comprehensive testing phase. The software is put through rigorous tests to identify any potential problems that might be present. The best software testing tools are used, and things like bugs are identified. The work can then begin to fix any of the problems that were highlighted by the testing phase of the process. When this is done, the end will be in sight.


The process of developing software is never really done. Even when all the stages above have been covered, it’s still necessary for the software to be maintained. Small changes, patches and updates can be required for the entire lifetime of the software. So, the process doesn’t end as soon as the final testing phase has been completed. The maintenance side of things carries on even after the release date has passed.

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