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The Tech That Holds Big Businesses Together

Big businesses are everywhere, in our modern world. Long gone are the days of small, family-operated businesses. Now, it’s all about the big players. Some of these businesses have more staff than the population of a city, spread across the entire world.

So, how do big companies hold it together? There’s so much planning, coordination, and research to be done. It’s a wonder that they don’t collapse within weeks of crowning the big business horizon. Well, it’s not such a wonder. It’s just clever use of technology. You see, at the heart of every big business, you’ll find servers and data. Let’s take a look at some of the ways big businesses use technology to get things done.

Of course, all big businesses need staff. But, employees are one of the hardest resources to manage. So, how do they do it? Usually, businesses will use a large array of different pieces of software to manage their staff. A company needs to store a lot of data about their staff members. A lot of this is done on paper, for obvious security reasons. But, there rest will be computerized. Businesses will use sickness and holiday management software to track absences. This software is usually fairly simple but will employ complex algorithms to give the business metrics about their staff. These metrics will include performance data, absence frequencies, and much more. So, if you work for a big company, you’re almost certainly being watched to a certain degree.

Most home computers will have anywhere between about 250GB to 5TB of data storage available. Of course, this storage can be upgraded. But, using built-in storage is unreliable and prone to failure. And, some companies will have thousands or even millions of terabytes worth of data to store. Computers simply don’t cut it.

Instead, servers will be used to store the data. Usually in large data centers, filled with thousands of individual drives all acting as one. This sort of storage is known as cloud storage. Not only does it give an edge when it comes to space, but it also helps a lot with speed. It’s faster to keep data central so that anyone can access it. The hardware is also usually far superior to that of a computer, which also increases the speed. It’s safer to store data this way, too. Cloud data is usually backed up multiple times and then stored on different servers. This keeps data separate, but close enough to backup if need be.

Cloud storage can also help with productivity. Most companies will use services that allow their staff to collaborate with work, often times with the feature to work on the same piece at once. This also makes it much easier for you to monitor your staff, and give feedback for individual pieces of work.

Big businesses rely on their data so much that it’s instrumental that they have the tech to protect it. Most tech manufacturers offer their products to businesses long before they ever reach the consumer market. So, you know that these giants are going to have the best possible gear.

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