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5 Hobbies That Are Ideal For Travelers

How do you unwind from the world? In today’s 24/7, always on culture, relaxation is actually getting quite hard to achieve. We struggle to switch off, so the importance of having a hobby – and preferably one away from the computer – can’t be underestimated. The best hobbies give us a sense of fulfillment, creatively or physically, allow us to enter a restorative flow state and can often lead to other opportunities – meeting new friends, realizing we can turn it into launching a business or even travelling the world. When our hobbies give us the chance to see the world, they truly offer another dimension to our lives. So if you’re in the market for a brand new hobby, here are some ideas that can lead to seeing the world…

Sketching or Drawing

Art is one of those hobbies that is inspired by the world we see around is, our experiences, memories and the places we visit. In this respect, it can be an ideal hobby for those who want to travel in several respects. Certainly with sketching, it’s a very portable medium – a small sketchbook and some pencils are the ultimate compact travel entertainment. It’s very easy to throw your sketchbook into your backpack and go off in search of new experiences to record, and having an artist’s eye can frame some amazing views. It’s also a great way to record travel memories, as it has an extra layer of meaning. It isn’t just the world as seen, like in a photograph, it’s the world layered with your own impressions and feelings. Resources for sketching and painting are also easy to replenish, wherever you are in the world.

Martial Arts

If you want a more active hobby, then martial arts could be the perfect discovery for you. Some people see travelling frequently as a barrier to working out, but that couldn’t be further from the truth when it comes to some disciplines – martial arts practice means you’ll have a series of set moves to work your way through which can be done in any park or on any beach around the globe. The reason martial arts are especially suited to travel is that there’s a lack of equipment, so you don’t need lots of stuff with you. There are lots of differences in style in the various martial arts, so look into them to see which might suit you best. Get a flavor of ju-jitsu, look into karate, get some Judo Info or even explore something like Capoeira. There’s so much to discover, and you can keep fit while you’re away or even get involved in the sport competitively, which could lead to travel opportunities of its own accord.


Preparing amazing meals with fresh ingredients from around the world is a huge pleasure and a joy to many. Finding that delicious Pad Thai recipe or learning to make the perfect curry only had that ring of authenticity when you do it in the country of origin, and luckily there are cookery schools aplenty, with many hotels also offering cooking classes to help you learn to make the local cuisine. It’s another great travel hobby as you’ll pick up all the ingredients locally and you can then use your cooking as a way to share memories of your trip with friends and family when you get back – there’s nothing more evocative than a flavor, after all.


After something relaxing which can center your mind and keep your hands busy? Learning origami could be the hobby for you. Working out the puzzle of folds and creases in a simple sheet of paper to create something beautiful from nothing is almost meditative, and it’s the ideal pastime to keep you calm when dealing with flight delays at the airport! Again, you don’t need much to begin apart from a book of patterned paper which makes it very portable while you’re on your travels. Craft an origami item which reminds you of your destination as a keepsake to bring home, or create little objects with a message to leave everywhere you visit to surprise and delight other travelers.


If you want a hobby that is also able to make a real impact on the world, then you may be interested in international volunteering opportunities or getting into eco-tourism. This can combine seeing the world with really giving something back to it, plus giving you a view of the country off the beaten track that you may never have discovered otherwise, allowing you to meet local people and other volunteers, maybe making friends for life. There’s no doubt of the incredible memories you can make doing volunteering work, and it can give you new skills which can translate directly into your career as well. Volunteering leads to more opportunities to travel, and can be ideal for solo travelers as it gives the chance to be part of a group.

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