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5 Tips for Aspiring Travel Photographers

Written by: Sheryl Wright

Who would not want to travel the world and capture everything that you see and experience on film? Regardless of if you pursue travel photography as a job or as a hobby, you will get the most out of your wanderlust if you pick up a camera and start shooting. Here are five ways that you can craft your trade as a travel photographer.

Always Have Your Camera

There is nothing worse than encountering an amazing sight and not being able to capture it on film. The best photographers make it a point to always have their camera on them. Even if you are not planning on taking pictures of your day, you never know when you will stumble upon a shot worthy of capturing.

You do not always have to travel with the full camera, lenses, and tripod. But you should at least have some way to capture any unexpected gems that present themselves as you travel. Investing in a quality carrying case will make it more likely that you will be inspired to always have your camera on you.

Even if you aren’t traveling that day, you can always write about wherever you are located, even if it’s just your hometown. Always having your camera will help inspire you to write about everything around you.

Immerse Yourself in Your Surroundings

You cannot expect to take amazing photos if you are simply just observing from a distance. Savvy photographers make the effort to immerse themselves in their surroundings so that they are presented with the most opportunities to capture interesting shots. For example, rather than staying at that fancy hotel, consider shacking up at a hostel for a few nights for a different perspective.

If your specialty is taking pictures of the natural world, consider immersing yourself in this beauty with a camping trip. For example, a camping adventure at Fontainebleau State Park will provide you with the stunning backdrop of Lake Pontchartrain for all of your pictures. Fontainebleau camping is a sure-fire way to capture Mother Nature in all of her glory.

Perhaps your love is old majestic buildings and artwork, then a visit to Paris can be truly magical. There are so many exciting things to see, do, and experience – from sampling the cuisine at traditional cafes to strolling along the Seine to taking in the masterpieces of the Louvre. To help travelers take in all that Paris has to offer, there is a Paris travel guide available for every traveler and taste. Whether you are looking for a comprehensive guide with detailed maps and directions or one full of insider tips and suggestions, there is sure to be a guide designed for you! With such helpful resources available, your visit to Paris will be nothing short of an adventure.

Take a Photography Class

If you are just getting started in this venture, you would be wise to learn from the experts. While it is certainly possible to teach yourself these skills, you will shorten the learning curve if you invest in a professional course.

There are a number of ways that you can take a class. Many community colleges offer affordable classes that present you with the opportunity to attend a class in person. There is also a myriad of online photography classes that make it easy to knock out on your own time in the convenience of your own home. If you cannot find a travel photography-specific class, you will get a lot of valuable information from a general photography class.

Invest in the Appropriate Editing Software

Even the most amazing photos can use a little editing to present them in a better light. Professional travel photographers have learned the ins and outs of various photo editing software platforms.

Good choices to consider include Photoshop or Adobe Lightroom. You can begin by watching some of the many YouTube tutorials to help you to learn each platform. You can then begin experimenting with some of your favorite photos. By trying out different features of the software programs, you will begin to cultivate a look that is unique to you. Do not be afraid to experiment with different filters and features to find the exact vibe that you are looking to create.

Develop a Niche

There is more to travel photography than just traveling the world and taking pictures. The most successful travel photographers have developed a specific niche. Remember that photography is an expression of art at its core. This gives you the creative license to own your particular photography style.

Creating your own niche will help you to stand out from the crowd of generalized travel photographers. Maybe you want to specialize in still natural shots? Or perhaps you want to make it a point to capture the local culture of the people at your destinations? Having a niche will also help serve as a guide as you choose what to photograph.

Employing these five tips will help you to break into the field of travel photography. It will not be long before you will intuitively reach for your camera when you come across something interesting or breathtaking as you explore the world around you.

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